My Programmer

Some pics of my finished programmer, which I’m pretty proud of even though it’s a little effed-up. I built this from the ground up. Frank provided only etched PCBs so I had to source drill bits and learn to do that. He sent me a large part of the kit with the case but I sourced most of the cabling and connections myself because I wanted to do something a little different. Figured out how to bore my way through plexi without breaking it, added volume pots… Nearly everything is socketed and or connected using a detachable connector. I was only foiled on the audio connections and in the end didn’t have the energy to desolder them and debug it. So that project will happen when I decide to change filter boards which will be easy except for the audio cable desoldering.

Anyway, warts and all, here she is:

@6851punk: I second that motion. I should have done that too. Instead I tried to rework an existing board and nearly killed it desoldering headers, display, and LEDs. Several pads/traces gone that had to be hand wired. I learned a lot but I wouldn’t do it again. Not without a reworking station.

BTW, that OLED is socketed too! Now it comes off VERY easily!

The headers are what I wanted to do pretty much. But I probably need to get a new digital PCB and start from scratch.

Nice one!

Well done TR! Looks great, and I bet it sounds a lot better for having customized it so much yourself :wink:


so you managed to add headers to the shruthi-1 for “fast” switching :slight_smile: anyway, looks great! Hope I will be able to complete mine soon!

Thanks man… it was my most complicated build yet. Very fun!

is that a black and white display? looks like a black and white display!

Hey Rosch!

Actually, it’s a yellow on black OLED. Just looks white in the photo… The OLEDs are great. Very sharp.

Oh my goodness, that’s what I have ahead of me with that board you sent me?! Yikes! I don’t suppose you’re planning any trips to Toronto in the near future, I’m going to need some help!

Nice work!

nice dood, looks great! diggin all the disconnects.