My Ponoko Enclosure

So I finally made up mine. This is based on everyone else’s so I really cant take any credit for it. I did fix the hole to PCB alignments however so those are all lined up now. One boo-boo I made is the hole size for the pots is too small, they should be 5/16" (8mm) not 1/4" so the thick part of the pot clears the front of the panel. I’ll have the stand off height shortly, it should be 3/8" (10mm)


Another Beauty! Looks Great!
Crisp, clean, functions-easily seen and understood. What more can you ask for?
If I may ask, what are the overall dimensions so I can get a sense of scale?

15.8x10.8x6 cm

One thing to add: the heavy vector line is DEEEEP and a pain in the ass to fill up with paint, going with medium for next project…

Nice work Altitude!

and the finished product:

That looks very nice! Did you do the box joinery as well? Classy- my hat goes off to you.

evil shruti! i like it!

the green looks really cool on the black acrylic! great case!

The paint job looks great Altitude!

It reminds me of the Lego Blacktron - which were totally badass. It would be cool to have 4 minifigs twiddling each knob!