My Plaits is dying?

Hi, I have a real bad feeling my Plaits is about to die. When I turn on my Rack, with nothing plugged into the module, I see some LEDs flicker for a few seconds and then turn off. Also I hear a repeating buzzing noise from the PCB. I recorded a few seconds on my phone and enhanced the volume. Ignore the enhanced noisefloor between the buzzes…

Anyone experienced something like that?

I removed the front panel to see if there was any obvious damage, but there isn’t. However I think the buzzing comes from this black Recom Box. It also gets hot immediately after turning on.

The black part is the 3.3V regulator. It could be defective, or it could be put under stress because another IC drawing current from it has a short.

Your module looks like a genuine Mutable Instruments module, don’t attempt to fix it yourself please, and contact me through the form on the Mutable Instruments website to arrange for a repair!

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