My nice metal Anushri case

Hey fellow builders!
After contemplating a whole lot of time, I decided to build my own case for my nearly-finished Anushri.
First, I planned on building it myself out of Aluminum and a little bit of wood, but while i was drawing it, I realized that it would be way too complex to build it myself (that is, with stand-drill, jigsaw and Dremel). So i looked around and found a technique which is called water jet cutting or water jetting. It turned out to be rather inexpensive (compared to lasering, CNC-milling and such), so tomorrow I’ll fetch the two parts from the local water jet facility and I’ll see how it’ll turn out. I furthermore plan on bending the two parts myself, attaching a wooden panel on the front, painting the aluminum parts white and draw the graphics by hand (I’m a bit of a type nerd, so I hope it’ll turn out nice). In the meantime, You find the plans attached, just in case you’re interested. It’s an AI file, but you can open it up in Acrobat as well.
But please be careful – the case isn’t built yet, so I’m not yet sure if the plans are correct.