My new shruthi

I just finished making the case yesterday, and my shruthi is no longer naked! I am fortunate enough to have a laser cutter at work so this was a great opportunity to learn how to use it. I added some graphics that I think follow the whole Indian theme. Overall, I learned so much with this build. Can’t wait to build another one!

how do you add pics? Never mind. Thanks for the tip, Rosch.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

That looks really great, I have a question though, how did you do the wavy lines in the last picture? I’ve been trying to figure a way to do that without doing it all by hand, but I have yet to find the answer.

congrats btw!
really nice work! you make it unforgeable!

Looks awesome! Really like the graphics on the alternate top panel.


It is the laser cutter. The lines were made in Illustrator.

2011: 3 things have to Come in m’y house:

  • a laser cutter
  • a 3D printer
  • an oscilloscope

That’s m’y goal!

Revisiting this thread…

jackt… What kind of laser settings did you use for your designs? Is this a combination of raster and vector engraving or…?

I’d be keen to see your illustrator file to see how you set it all up.

(I’m going to be lasering a case in the coming weeks.)

Wow… Beautiful case indeed.