My new EP : Electronics recorded live in a church

Hi all, I recorded a live set inside a local church!
I used a Zoom H2N as a field recorder and merged that with the audio that was in the DAW .
(Going for the long reverbs and acoustics like the early tangerine dream .

Hope you like it

D163 AKA Robert T.

Was it that bad? or not allowed to promote here on MI?

Somehow I missed this post. I’ll definitely listen at lunch I always like your stuff.

I enjoyed that quite a bit. Nice work.

So far, I really like it. I’m a huge fan of long reverbs, stereo percussions and natural delays, so this is ear candy for me! Thanks for the link!

Very good! Especially III!

Wow you live near Moncton? My dad’s family is down in Linneus/Houlton-ish. We should do a mutable meetup some day :smiley:

I actually know a guy locally who I just connected with and he asks " hey arent you dude163 from MI forum?"

LOL hes a skulker here , but he does have a shruthi!

Thanks BTW gang, using a church was pretty cool! and I had a pro master this for me this time .

Im really tempted to buy a cheap farm house with land up there, but Ill probably have to divorce my California wife first as that winter is a dealbreaker :wink: Ill check out your other stuff for sure now!

I made my bandcamp pay what you want , so grab it while you can