My new Anushri case from Ponoko

It took me long enough to get things sorted, I’ve always wanted to get a hold of an Anushri case that specifies all of its functions on the faceplate, but I finally got my design sent off to Ponoko this week and received my brand new plexiglass case this morning! Can’t wait to do some infills on this bad boy.

It turned out a lot better than I expected. I want to thank soup for sharing his case design with me and papernoise for designing all the great Mutable wingdings and paisleys. And of course Oliver for being a great inspiration! I only slightly edited soup’s case design to suit my tastes but if you’d like a copy of my tweaked design shoot me a message and I can send my .eps file over.

You can get your very own copy of the .eps files here: (Github)

I don’t understand : all of its functions are writing under the case ?
And what are the numbers in front of functions ?

The numbers are CC!

" bon sang mais c’est bien sûr ! " … of course ! … :slight_smile:

Yes, bottom panel shows the MIDI CC of all the Anushri parameters (which are MIDI controllable) and the top panel shows functions for each page of the Anushri controls

Ok i understand,
It’s strange i can’t open the EPS file on GitHub whith AI CS4 … : "unknow format"
I wanted to print some thing like that , and place it on the top panel

Have you downloaded the EPS file or the github page hosting the EPS file?

I do :
Right click and “save as” on “anushri.eps” on this page
And i have a file “anushri.eps” on my computer whith the right AI icon

Then you’re saving the github webpage, not the EPS file! The file gets the proper icon simply because you have given the eps name to the file.

Here’s how to do it correctly: click on the “anushri.eps” link. This will open a page showing the content of the file and some version data. Then click on the “Raw” button and use “save as”.

It work ! :slight_smile:
Thank you !