My new 4PM

Hello all, I have had my Shruthi 4PM for a couple of nights now and starting to get to grips with it a bit. I have read through the user manual for some reference but cant seem to find the answer to my question, which is:- is there a way of stopping the knob positions from jumping when moving from one page to another or else this is probably unusable in a live performance situation:-( Basically it doesn’t remember the previous knob position on any one particular page and as soon as you touch a knob the parameter jumps to the value the knob is at instead of picking up at the previous value when it gets to that point, any help on this guys?

And just as a quick example to explain if I go from the envelope page after adjusting the attack, back to the filter page and then try to adjust the cut off as soon as I touch the cut off knob it jumps to the value that the knob was at after I had adjusted the attack, this is very annoying:-(

What you want is “snap mode”. You can set this in the system settings.
From the manual:
sna (snap): Enables potentiometers’ “snap” mode. This mode makes it less likely to accidentally change a parameter value when switching pages. Suppose you’re tweaking the filter resonance with P2 — you rotate it all the way down to 0. Then you switch to the oscillator 1 page to adjust the oscillator 2 parameter. If the current value of the parameter is set to 64, you’ll hear a discontinuity, since the value of the parameter will instantly jump to 0 or 1 when you start touching the pot. When snap is on, things will happen differently: rotating the pot will have no effect until the position of the pot actually reflects the current value of the parameter. After that, the parameter value will track the potentiometer’s position. Another way to explain it: when snap is on you have to move the pot to “grab” the current parameter value before the parameter is modified.

Just enable the “snap” mode. The knob won’t have any effect until their position match that of the parameter.

Ah thank you guys that’s a great help I will do that now :slight_smile:

I knew there would be a way just couldn’t find it in the manual :slight_smile:

That’s solved it once again thanks guys you made me a happy bunny :slight_smile: