My mainly mutable build, comments etc?

Hi everyone, ive been lurking for a long while and felt it was high time i posted here seeing as im building my mutable(ish) modular.
Im keeping it small and have no intention in going beyond a rig this size so its important that i get all my angles covered.
here’s the plan:
ive bought (so far) the make noise skiff and populated it with the optomix and wogglebug (got a good deal on these so kinda bought them with half a mind to keep and half a mind to re sell) Ive also bought a yarns (which sadly im returning to mutable as the previous owner accidentally bent the encoder but thats another story! Olivier has very kindly offered to fix it i might add- also another story but one that bears mentioning as its a very kind offer)
im also currently borrowing clouds from a friend and its pretty cool, versatile and weird (that said im on the fence about buying my own as i have an outboard eventide reverb and also outboard octatrack for additional effects)
just to cover outboard things a little more, i also have a tempest and a mopho so dont really need a drum machine sound or a strong analogue monosynth sound from my modular.
I bought into the mutable brand as the demos ive heard really interest me and i want a machine that will make some really interesting sounds and textures/pads/arps etc to compliment my other machines.
im still quite undecided about my plan which is why im here for advice.
im quite flexible and have considered multiple types of build including using diffeent types of sound source such as the atlantis or the furthhrrrr along with different modulation sources such as function, maths, tides etc and am very open to people’s ideas and suggestions in terms of modules that work together etc.
Rings, and yarns feel to me as kinda indipensible in this setup and clouds is floating in the maybe camp alond with braids.
any ideas, suggestions etc? should i just stick to my plan, would you change things if given the choice?
Im already thinking of ditching and swapping out the batumi as i can send lfos from the OT, maybe for a warps?

no tides? no peaks? how could you? hehe…

well that there’s the issue- what to keep and what to ditch, very tempted by both of them but its about the space. one thought is get rid of the woggle and buy a 2hp rnd which would freee up space for a tides maybe? i spend every day agonising about what to stick in the case! Is a quadra overkill in this setup for example? Could I achieve what I needed with a tides or something else(i.e. Peaks? Disting?)

One word: utilities.

With your current setup:

  • You cannot control the amount of modulation sent to any of Clouds’ parameter - completely missing the point of the module (Unless you use one of the Optomix’ channels, but then you can no longer use the optomix to mix modulations).
  • You cannot apply two modulations to the same parameter (Unless you completely waste one of the Optomix’ channels).
  • You can mix only two sound sources (and when you do so, you lose the ability of mixing two modulations).

For attenuation/mixing, I’d recommend Shades, or even better Veils or Blinds. This means a module has to go…

Between Batumi and Quadra, it’s a tough decision - the Quadra can do one-shot envelopes and the Batumi cannot. The Batumi has a more interesting selection of waveforms.

Maybe keep both and get rid of Clouds?

good advice, building a modular from scratch is something of a head scratching exercise to someone who only has experience of complete systems so any advice is really helpful

I changed it around, out went clouds and in went shades, Peaks and a Disting.

I’d say you’re lacking VCAs now… Blinds instead of Shades would be a good fit IMO. Also it seems to me like Batumi + Quadra + Peaks is a bit much for the size of your case; maybe Function instead of Quadra? (only one voice but gives you the ability to modulate the attack and decay times, which you can’t do with Quadra or Peaks)

Gotcha. Good idea. Batumi might be overkill as well seeing as I can send lfos from the OT too. I can see how 4 envelopes might be overkill but is 1 enough? Function has been in the running all along so I agree.
I’ve followed your advice though and altered the build, I have a spare 10hp to fill now… Maybe a filter? Another option would be to swap out the braids for a shapeshifter which is probably considered sacrilege on this forum!

Shapeshifter over Make Noise STO or DPO?
no way, rather 2 x STO over shapeshifter any day, the Shape knob! as well the expo/linear input.
1 x function + 1 x maths, Maths is must have module.

you need Maths at least, to fine tune and find the adjustment you can’t find on your VCF or other modules with the channels 2 & 3.

check out STO

or DPO <— awesome

I have considered maths and the dpo, haven’t looking at the sto tbh. I thought that perhaps maths was a bit big but maybe you’re right there. I wouldn’t have thought of getting a maths and function too though, seems a bit overkill for such a small setup. Based on your ideas I’ve come up with this.
It’s much more of a make npise system with some utility from mutable now. Is this what you think would work well? I got rid of the Wogglebug because it was that or rings and I didn’t want to lose rings!

yeah, that will make some impressive sounds.

Make noise Function has the Hang input, which is very usefull next to Maths,

i would change rings for Braids or Frames (but i still need to learn a lot of these Mutable Instruments modules, i still can’t understand what Frames, Rings or warps does). although i saw the videos of divkid.

i just started with euro and i only have a Make Noise STO, Maths, Frequency Central DIY Raging Bull, Frequency Central diy system X envelop, Frequency Central diy routemaster, 3 x jack plug DIY multiple. but i can make some really cool sounds with my small setup, using a maths channel for tempo, while triggering the other channel of maths and the envelop

2 x STO instead of DPO wont let you down either.
triggering with one STO to exite another STO and still have some more room.
STO rocks.

Yarn Rocks, i want one. ableton has lots of midi plugins.

trust me, you need Maths … those channels 2 & 3 are very very usefull and alow fine tuning, otherwise not achieved and they also have an input, patching the sub osc from STO into there … makes bass type sounds.


I appreciate your input, it’s really useful. This is all new to me so thanks.
Just out of interest, the dpo demos you sent were really cool but quite a hard and aggressive sound, can you get pads and more melodic, l ambient things going with a setup such as this?

Yes, STO and DPO can be played normally like a Synth, if connected to Yarns / ADSR / VCF.
i mailed Tony about that issue and that everyone seams to use DPO as drone or noise making machine, that they should make some more demos giving well deserved credit to STO and DPO, but played via keyboard instead of the wogglebug, rene, pressure points, etc.

but when i unboxed my STO 2 weeks ago, i found out it was a normal VCO, but the Shape knob/ wave folder gives it a welcome attitude over any other analog VCO.
STO morphs Triangle into Sine while turning the Shape knob, you can even fiddle a spanish Guitar type of sound!