My first Synthesizer was…


Hi all,
My first one was a SY22 Yam’. I was 15 and looked for a second hand synth.
I dreamed about a DX7 or a JD800 but the only cheap synth available at the shop was the Yam’. The seller told me “hey kid, look at its vector controller ! You can have fun with it.”
He was right and I still love it.



This shows my age…AKAI AX73…polyphonic analogue synth.

Still have it, still works, built like a tank…!
Sounds hideous…haha…i just use it as a 73 key midi controller for other synths.

My first sampler was an ensonic mirage…8 bit keyboard with floppy disc drive…gave it to a friend after i bought a boss sp404 (silly me) he pawned it…i miss it everyday…

First drum machine was a boss DR550…mmmmm no lasting impressions there.

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Yamaha CS-1x in the late 90’s. Up til then I was only into trackers on Amiga. I remember the KNOBS and the sensation of doing a filter sweep…

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Jen SX1000 - complete with the DopeSheets :wink:



Novation Basstation 1 or maybe Quasimidi Techox … long time ago in the mid 90s. So I can´t remember exactly.



Korg M1 and I still have it!



I had an AX-73 too, horrible sound!

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