My first Synthesizer was…


Poly 800


For me it was a Yamaha DX-7, purchased new in 1984 with money I was supposed to use for college. I still have and use that same DX-7 to this day, so I believe I made the right choice!


My first synth was an impulse buy… The Ensoniq Fizmo. What I really wanted at the time was a Korg Wavestation, but I stumbled onto a new Fizmo at an unbelievably low price (that I could actually afford), and decided that actually having one synth was better than dreaming about having a different one…

I still have the Fizmo (now with the Wavestation EX right below it), and it remains, to this day, one of my favorites for playable long slow evolving ambience.


Korg MS-10. Fell in love with it at first sight. Still have it and it still works pretty perfectly.


Juno 106 (when new) along with a 2-tier Ultimate stand. Had a Boss DE-200 delay on the top tier (which taught me how to use a delay). The DE-200 seems to have held up quite well in popularity being 25 years old.

When you only have one synth, you get pretty good at being able to program it and hence, was my introduction to synthesis. There was no Internet at that time so you were left to your own devices and manuals were hit or miss.

I sold my 106 (because of that original chip/voice issue - had cost me $125 to have serviced at the time) and the DE-200 in the early 90’s. I have bought back another DE-200 though recently (and a Boutique JU-06).


Looks like you made a great choice - the Fismo is still popular today and holds value.


My first introduction to the Poly 800 was in the Fall of 1984 while in the dorms at Univ. of Florida (North Hall). A guy had one of these and could play “Sweet Dreams” on a convincing patch. Initially, I didn’t know what to make of it - seems more Casio-ish to me at the time but the “Sweet Dreams” sound gave it some cred.


mine was a Korg M1, back in 1990-91…


I got my first synth coming from a bass background when i was sixteen, so in the 00s.
I didnt have the cash for some moog or other fancy pre-analogue revival stuff so i got this:

The mighty alesis micron with the engine of the ion. Sounded surprisingly good, was extremely fun to jam on in a band context but a total disappointment when looking to make your own sounds. The computer editor wasnt exactly fun either so out the door it went and in came a small modular i had absolutely no idea how to operate.
Thats when the real fun times started and what got me into the abstract part of electronic music.

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about 85`, first “Synth” was a Stylophon my aunt gifted me after i told everyone i wanted a synth (—>a DX7), i hated it with passion and cried badly as i expected something with keys. First own bought Synth was a Poly 61 i still use.


waldorf xtk


An SH-201 in 2010. It sucked. The first synth I loved was the MS20 later that year, and when the reissue was released I jumped on it, bought it new at full price. It brought me lots of joy!


16 years ago, my first synth was a Korg MS2000 for 300€ from ebay.
I didn’t really understand subtractive synthesis back then and had to sell it a year or so later due to financial situation.

Kinda miss that synth…

Last time I checked an MS2000 was 600€ on ebay^^


My first synth was an SH-101, with a flight case and the modulation grip and strap. My parents bought it as a Christmas present for me in 1982…I traded it in for Yamaha CX5m Music Computer…sigh…


From a second hand shop for a price that would probably be 25 euros now


Awesome choice! I loved my MS2000… handed down to my 10yr old son, and is now his second synthesizer, which he seems to like quite a bit more than his first (a DSS-1)

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Korg MS-20 in 1980 or 81 unless I count the Casiotone, model no longer remembered…

Changed my life…


I imagine the MS2000 would sit nicely on top of the flat part of the top of the DSS-1, with room to spare…


My first synth was a Radio Shack Realistic MG-1 (Moog).
My first sampler was a Radio Shack Realistic Concertmate 500 (Casio SK-1 copy)


I recently bought my partner one of these because her Roland fp-7f weighs 80lbs without the case! Got a gig bag for it (the micron) too. Very different animal, obviously, but full size keys and hyper portable for experimental gigs where she might not need an 88 weighted key piano thing.

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