My first Synthesizer was…


1990 - Amiga500 - My first sampler looked like a computer.
1998 - S3000XL - My first synth looked like a sampler.
1999 - Peavey Paradox - My first proper synth had 2 VCOs and multimode VCF and digital everything else. Maybe I have MI on the brain but kind of like a giant Shruthi with VCOs.


Home built semi modular in 1974 - I couldn’t afford a VCS3 so I made my own


Poly-800 mk2, $800, a summer’s worth of washing dishes in a pizza restaurant back in 86. I still love the little sequencer, nothing is as easy as hooking your left hand around the back, operating the tie and rest buttons with left thumb, while playing with the right hand. Syncopated delays - the Edge had nothing on me, baby!

Then pure pseudo multitimbral heaven when I added … the FB-01! No computer, but you could set the FB-01 to respond on very small note ranges, sort of 8 layers of narrow splits.

Later, I picked up a TR909 for $300, to add some boom chik. Sold that a few years later to settle a $200 debt. Ah, to be a poor and stupid university student again!


Korg Wavestation SR. I had a RX8 Drum machine before it, but that’s not a synth :slight_smile:

I made do with Amiga 500 and 1200 trackers for years.


Casio SK5 if that can be counted. Otherwise Korg MS2000 which I still have.


As for music software - my first soft was Chaos Music Composer on Atari XL/XE.


Don’t know if this counts…


Farfisa Organ. Was attached 2 taking lessons.


@mtapp I’d never heard of the Peavey Paradox before. How did you come to get hold of one of those, I wonder? Looks like only 3 or 4 were ever made…



Moog Rogue which was given to me. Guy didn’t realize it was worth a bit o scratch. Still have it (currently in not so working order).


@toneburst I’ll make a different discussion called Paradox so we don’t Bogart this one.


My first synth was a waldorf blofeld. I bought it 3 1/2 years ago. It was totally the wrong synth to start with… I didn’t knew anything about synthesis and the synth didn’t help to learn it (4 knobs…matrix, hundred pages and possibilities, digital effects…). I only used the presets, which weren’t nice and overblown with effects and modulations.
I wasn’t happy with it. I sold it 1 1/2 year later and bought an op-1. Still 4 knobs, but so much more joy and inspiration. It’s still on of my favorite music tools. :slight_smile:


My first synth was a casio vz1 and I still have it considering building a custom case a a few keys and buttons are broken and its too big. Secon was a bass station keyboard but that is long gone.


Marzz may have just beaten me for the oldest synth - not sure when the 6000s were about - Mine was the Korg 770 - a great little buzzy thing which gave me years of fun… ( no batteries needed! )


Concertmate 500.
I started to circuit bend/pike wires at it around 1996-97. I eventually lost it along the way through life.


juno 106


IDK what happened, my post replicated/posted itself several times…


SH-101 when they first came out.


When I was 9 or 10, I tested intensely and dreamed of a D-50, but that was too expensive, so I had to look for something that met my budget of my savings of 900.- Deutsche Mark.
Any new real synth for that low was not to think or find of, a keyboard à la PSS or similar could be had for that, but the sounds were thin and not expressive, the mini-keys on most felt just not right.

I kept looking at the local 2nd hand market instead (Heisser Draht). Bingo there it was: a complete Yamaha CX5M Music Computer + YMK-20 49 keys full size + several ROM (Software/Program) cartridges for “only” DM 900.- not far away from where I was living.
As I had no idea at what other synthesizer to look for (other than D-50, K4, etc.) nor price references to alternatives like DX9, 11, 21 or 27, I didn´t know if the price was good or not, a new CX5M set would still cost DM 2500.- with the ROM´s DM 3500.-.

Together with my father we went there and I played some piano chords on it, some brass, strings: I still remember how impressed I was at that time, worst thing what could happen was the seller, a Russian-German electronic musician, to change his mind about selling the heart of his small studio.

8 notes polyphony, MIDI-IN/OUT, Stereo out, MIDI 4 track sequencer with unlimited MIDI bounce, a notation program and a DX7 editor + the 49 keys keyboard came to home with me. I recorded countless hours of improvisations on tape with it the months after.
It needed a regular TV or any monochromatic or RGB monitor, after using the standard “call music” program some time I didn´t need a monitor any more, I was able to navigate through the menus blind.

Sometime in the mid 90´s I managed to get the FM-Voicing Program from Yamaha´s German product-manager´s private stash. That program cartridge opened up the full potential of this 4OP Synth (music computer with keyboard).

As I never went after a disk drive (as big as a HD array of 8-10 HD´s), I had to record any data on cassette/tape, beepcrshhhziiieeep :smiley:

I still have it today, well guarded in a Pelican case, unfortunately not with me here, as I sometimes miss this specific FM sound. I would never sell it, also it is still in excellent “like new” condition.

The pictures are just for illustration, not from my CX5M.


ARP Omni! and this from like 30 years ago, does this count?