My first Synthesizer was…


And i’ve hated every curtis synth on a chip device since


Yamaha CS01 in 1983…


Mine was something between love and hate - a Korg Poly 800. Nowadays i wouldn’t even touch it. Sounds like it is looking…


a casio cz-1000 was my first synth in back 1996 though it was a long time loan from a friend.
the first synth i really owned was a korg ms-2000 which i bought in 2007. the time inbetween 1997 and 2007 i used software only mainly because of financial reasons.


casio vl-5 in the early 80’s
korg mono/poly & mc-303 + amiga in the mid 90’s


ROLAND SH101 was my first synth.


I suppose it depends what you mean by ‘synth’.
I had one of these

Which was a home keyboard with 2-op FM synthesis, and some tokenistic patch editing (and a massive 4 slots for storing your own creations), plus a rudimentary sequencer and even a programmable drum machine. I used to turn up the the FM modulation depth to make a variety of horrible glassy, metallic noises.

I think then I got one of these:

even though at the time, I had nothing to plug it in to. I used to take it to a little studio about 3 miles from where I lived, and use it there. Eventually, when I went away to university, the module stayed at the studio, and it’s been there ever since (at least, with the guy who ran the studio- he’s moved since). It’s a multi-timbral synth module, with channels 1-9 dedicated to LA synth sounds, channel 10 dedicated to drum sounds in a couple of kits, and PCM-based sounds on the remaining channels. It didn’t sound as bad as it looks. I think it was designed as a general-MIDI companion to a PC, in the days before Soundblaster-type PCI audio cards came onto the market, hence the ‘PC beige’ colour.

Then I got one of these:

(without the mods and extra knobs you can see on the right of that photo) which I tend to think of as my first ‘proper’ synth.



Either a Korg EA-1 or Roland JX-3P. Can’t remember. I think it was 1999 or 1998 and I had just gotten Acid (software, not so trippy) and wanted to use hardware…
After I sold the EA-1, I found a used FR-777, which is what I really wanted instead of the EA-1 anyway. I eventually sold the JX-3P too, as it wasn’t a good MIDI controller and the DX-7 I bought did that better.

I did have an Alesis SR-16 in 1996 or so, but decided I didn’t really have a use for it being a bass player, so I returned it and bought some effects which I don’t use.


A lot of Casios have been mentioned here, and in the “my first looks-like-a-synth” category, I’ll have to add:
Casio SA-10 (Famous for its DEMO button that played Wham - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go)

…then a lot of ROMplers from Roland/Yamaha/E-mu…

First proper synth:
Access Virus B, bought right after it came out.


Akai S2000 sampler. It’s wonder that didn’t put me off samplering forever.

Not sure what my first hardware synth was. I had a Kawai K1m, briefly, which I really liked. Then it died. I also had an MT32, which was good with some distortion. Wish I’d kept that and the programmer I had, but I binned them when moving in a fit of stupid.


My first synth (in 1985) was a square generator based on 555 chip (with keyboard).
Later, it was Casio PT-10 (1989):


casio sa-1 :))) i was maybe 7-8 years old :))) i still have it (and i’m now 37 yo)

then maybe 12 years nothing new, and then Nord Micro Modular


Sequential Six Trak, because I didnt have the 750$ for the Jupiter-8 :smiley:


My first and last was an POLY-800 in the 80 years :slight_smile:

Now I’m building my second itself. The name is “WAVE 1”.

Greetings Rolf from Germany


If we forget the Casio VL Tone for a moment… A Roland D110. It taught me a valuable lesson about just how bad a synth can be to program, and to never buy/use anything that resembled one of those ever again.
In hindsight, the VL Tone is probably the better of the 2. At least it had a half decent calculator in it.


Cool idea!
Yamaha CS01II back in 1983 I think. I regret having sold this till today.


Well, after quickly surfin’ through some Yamaha Keyboards I got meself a real synth when I was 17: a Roland D-10! Yay! :slight_smile:

Together with my Amiga Homecomputer (KCS Sequencer) I pushed this baby to the limit. Until I finally could afford the long dreamed-of sampler: the Roland S-330.
Still love this baby, so much that I couldn’t sell him- still working fine.
Made my first tape with that setup (D-10, S-330, Alesis midiverb II), you can hear it here:

Then I sold the D-10 for a Wavestation (and soon regretted it).


MFB Synth 1. It’s great to learn substractive synthesis and still in use.


VL-tone, then on to a DX100 and a RZ1 for some ähem “drums”.


I sat in my parents basement at 4 years old and wailed away on that thing with reckless abandon. Little has changed except the location.

*I had no idea what those letters at the bottom meant, and chose to ignore them.