My first Synthesizer was…


So we have enough threads discussing what a proper first Synth would be today - but what was your first Synth, and when?
Post here your memories, pictures of you with your baby and anecdotes.
There is only one first time……


So here we go -
my first Synth was the glorious DX-27s from Yamaha. Vanilla 4OP FM, bought 1986 right after it came out from Musikhaus Hogrebe in Düren, NRW, Germany, Earth from my father. Because its “just as good as the DX-7 and has speakers”. And was cheaper than the ppg i wanted so badly.
Luckily no Pics from back then survived - but i have some recordings of bad bad late 80ies DX-Rhodes Ballades i will post if you annoy me.

I soon outgrow this one, it was accompanied by a TX-81Z, D-10, AlphaJuno, K1r and finally the WaveStation. Then i took a 18 year break……


To be perfectly honest my first synthesizer was a Shruthi-1. Previously I had used nothing but vst plugins, so I don’t really think those count do they?


My first synth was a Korg MS-2000 in 2004. I bought it used on ebay had it for a summer and then sold it to pay for a vacation. I have owned two others since. It’s not bad and I still play it semi-regularly. I have a Dark Star XP2 as well for poly, but the MS-2000 is easier to program and the motion sequencer is still cool.

My first real Keyboard was a Hammond m-102 in 2002. It still sits in my parents basement.




Whoops! Take that back! The first one was a black ARP Odyssey. How could I forget?!?


First keyboardthingie: Casiotone MT-11

First “real” synth (as in: extensive control over sound parameters): SH-101!


Hi Frank,

I can’t be very often on the net but now I saw your post and I find it fun.

My first synth à 16 years old was a rent: korg micropreset and a big bass amp. I was actually trying some tony banks solos and searching for some tangerinde dream sounds.

But five years after I bought a korg delta, Yamaha CP10 (piano) and a wonderful Yamaha CS15D
this ond wad by a tech mods to added ring mod switch. .

Thèses are very good memories!


Allost the same to me as MindStasis.
I used Vsts during 4years before going into hardware! Right before buying my first synth (a shruthi 1) a friends gave me an cheap Casio tone bank ct 656. Despite the fact that it is a really limited keyboard, I got to learn most of the thing I needed about midi and communication between my daw and hardware. So two month later, I was ready for my first (real) synth: the wonderful shruthi!
So it’s been a year now, but I am addicted. I managed to hoard a tx81z, a Roland r8m, a Casio vl 1, few effects racks, one golden sound 1960’s din-3 mixer (with a great string reverb), another 16/4 more modern mixer, a octapad II… maybe I forgot something, but I am already running out of space as all this adds to my midi controllers…
But I am loving this gearlust that the shruthi and this community has planted in me!
Dreaming of an Ambika…


MaxiKorg 800DV. Still own it but it needs work. In my first of many poor instrument purchasing decisions, I bought the Korg instead of a MicroMoog because it had more keys.


Yamaha DX11 … now a mere MIDI keyboard for an Ambika.


didn’t we have this discussion already? :slight_smile:
well technically my first synth was probably this one

but I’ve never been in love with it… actually I hated it, you couldn’t really do anything with it.

My first synth love was this one though:

The Korg DSS-1 aka the JetCarrier™

It’s a hybrid monster, half sampler, half synth, digital oscillators and a nice warm analog filter

I still have it… in the cellar though, because I don’t have enough space in my flat to keep it around.
I have replaced the floppy drive with an SD card reader (works nicely) and was considering the Straylightengineering upgrade… but it doesn’t make sense to spend money and time on something that is laying around in your cellar anyway.

I had 2 of those. The first one I bought when I was 18 from a guy playing at weddings. He moved to a newer workstation thing and sold this one for something that might be 200€ now. He had a nice collection of floppies with lots of weird sounds. I didn’t have anything except this synth, and never really understood how to program it. At that time I just wanted to program some hip hop beats and fasttrackerII was better suited for that purpose. I sold the DSS-1 to some small town DJ for the same price I had bought it.

But I soon reget it…

after some years, I was living in Berlin then, I bought one on ebay for 275€ incl. a nice (super heavy) flight case. The guy who sold it probably spent a horrendous amount of money to send to me… no courier wanted to ship it. this is the one I still have. It’s seen a lot of moving, I have used it litte in all those years, but I still keep it. I’m not a collector type of person, all the contrary, when I have unused stuff lying around I need to get rid of it, because it makes me nervous.

Something pretty old that was made using the DSS-1 a lot is this track here:


We might have to chat about the DSS sometime. I would like to pop an SD reader in there.


yeah, feel free to ask me! You know where to find me :slight_smile:


My 1st keyboard was a Yamaha Portasound PSS-460, which of course is a toy, but I still like the fm aliasing and buzzy chorus.

1st real synth was Casio CZ-3000 which is great except for the size of the thing and lack of velocity sensitivity.


@rumpelfilter I remember drooling over the DSS-1 and FZ-1 in the late 80’s. Let me know if you find a reasonable priced Korg DSM-1!


A second hand Alpha Juno 1 bought in the early 90s to use alongside with my Amiga. I got a Cheetah MS-6 shortly after that. I actually built my own (mostly passive) mixer in a wooden case to run these through. Oh, and I remember creating a distortion/overdrive effects using a microphone, a broken speaker and an amp I salvaged from a 70s hi-fi receiver.

After that I got a MC-303 when they first came out and was sorely disappointed so I got rid of it very quickly. Then came the RM1-x and the Yamaha A3000 both of which were pretty damn awesome for the time.


My first synth was a DX7, second hand bought in 1997, i still have it


Can we also mention our first soft synth? For me that was Aegis Sonix on the Amiga way back in 1986 or 1987.


First keyboard was a Fender Rhodes 88 stage piano, 1974, still have it. Played a few synths, ARP Odyssey, MiniMoog, Octave Cat and other stuff (owned a Clavinet C at one point) but the first synth I actually bought was a 6-voice Oberheim OBX. $6000.00 plus another $600.00 for the flight case.