My first shruti-1 demo! =D

My shruti has been alive for about 3 hours now and i made this with the shruti only!
holding two keys on the midikeyboard and twiddling some knobs! =D
it sounds way better and rawer than i could have amagined!

i am really happy with this!
im gonna have lots of fun exploring it!

nice demo! I agree, the shruti is just great … my first real synth, and I am loving it! olivier, you rule!

What type of drug do u prefer :smiley: Good trip man.

blue_lu: thanx! =D

EATYone: the ones that make you see the music with your eyes. =) (oscilloscopes) peace!

Speaking of scopes, I got some fancy XY visualizations the other day while working on the filter circuit… it was worth a video :smiley:

Sounds like it still is. … eh… eh?

Nice sounds, btw.

There’s some really cool sounds in here! Looking forward to hear more!

cool rhythmic demo. The transition to the vocaloid sounds was nice too.

=) thanks for the nice feedback you guys!