My first shruthi

im so excited for my shruthi to get here…i am concerned though, i am sure that i can use the synth without midi and just run from the audio out jack into my interface…however i do have an m audio keyboard that is usb…i have usb to midi converter cables and i use logic and i was curious if there is a way that i can use the keyboard with the shruthi…i am brand new to the analog synths so please bare with me!

USB to midi converter cables are almost universally shit, so if you get poor timing, inconsistent notes, or any other midi problem, remember that it is you usb to midi cables fault…

That said, you should be able to route a midi/out/port/instrument somewhere in logic, that you then point at your midi interface(usbcable)… Make sure you connect the midi cable the right way.

(This is of course all assuming that you have set up your m-audio keyboard in logic already)

Thank you so much v cent…stupid question but the shruthi can work right from the audio out Jack without midi correct?

> can work right from the audio out Jack without midi correct?

Hmmm… Then how would you expect to make it play notes?

Sequencer? I’m not really sure

There’s a sequencer, true, but it’s more of a “phrase” of “pattern” sequencer that plays patterns transposed on the keyboard. Get MIDI to work, that’s the way to go.

Ok pichenettes thank you so much for your hekp i just wana be able to somehow hear it after I build it…there is a 6.35 jack on my keyboard I think for a sustain pedal…i dont think that would work tho

Like what this guy does? Is he just runnin straight from the synth

That link does not work for me. @sheymonks, what are you hoping to do with the Shruthi? It will generate some sound without MIDI but, like most synths available now-a-days (not all of course), it reacts to messages tthat come to it via MIDI. So, if you want it to play a specific note, that note message needs to come into the MIDI in port.

Try your USB/MIDI cable and see if it works. If all is well, you’re good to go. If not, then perhaps you should consider getting an inexpensive controller keyboard with a real MIDI port.

You could always try controlling it with this :wink:

(sorry couldn’t resist)

Use it mainly for my basslines…midi keyboard to shruthi then shruthi to interface?

Lol@gwaidan it sounds like that might be better off then what I currently use

Does anyone recommend any cheap midi keyboards that will just get me by till I can afford a good one?

The ESI MIDIMATE II is a “cable style” USB MIDI interface that’s actually really good. You might get one of those.

Thank u thijs

I actually have an uno…am I going to go from ky computer to the midi in on the shruthi?

Read here to understand what MIDI is about

Thx my friend, that’s the best description of the MIDI standard i ever read.

You should be plugging your usb-midi keyboard into your computer, get that running within your DAW (logic?), then run the USB to midi cable to the shruthi, and look in your DAWs manual for how to control external instruments… :slight_smile:

thank you so much guys i really appreciate the help…i really cant wait to get some sounds goin with this thing. the bass ive heard from that thing is so funky