My first Shruthi-1 kit arrived today (SMR-4 MKII)!

Hello all! Long time lurker here, and I finally decided to pull the trigger and try my hand at building my first synthesizer. Just wanted to chime in and say that I’m excited and really glad there are tons of resources available here to help me on my way! I also picked up the PCBs for the yellow magic Shruthi-1, so if all goes well on this first build I’ll soon be a proud owner of 2 Shruthi-1’s! Wish me luck!

P.S. @Frank, I’ll be talking to you soon about some cases :wink:

Enjoy the time you take to build it


Welcome and best of lucks.

Patience is all that you need.

Patience and this forum that is!

Actually had a chance to sit down and do some work on it the other day. Power supply is working perfectly, all the measurements were exactly where they needed to be. Got all the resistors soldered too. Tomorrow I’ll be finishing up the filter board and then moving on to the control board. I might even have time to finish it! I think my favorite part was soldering the DC plug thing in. Those “lakes” of solder made me giggle like a school girl.


Your comment may help us to get closer to understanding the fascination about “men with their Synths” in general!
Where are the actual school girls building shruthis, have there been any?.. there must be!

It´s the “zen of soldering” working it´s way through your brain

Success! Now I need a case :smiley: