My first DIY eurorack attenuator-mixer module: few PCBs to give away

Hi fellow Shrutizens,

It’s been about a year since I built my first DIY electronic project, a 4pm Shruthi, from there I went down to several extra Shruthi filters, preenFM, then Anushri eventually got me into this eurorack-modular madness, and I recently started to try building my own modules.

So the first module for which I laid out a PCB in eagle is this simple mixer , which can also be used as three independent passive attenuators. Because this was the first time I ever used eagle, it is not perfect, pots too close to the border of the modules, and the parts are placed on the either side of the board, and the silkscreening is silly :-), but still it is quite a useful little utility module.
I have attempted to design a front panel, but didn’t find the time to complete it yet, so I only have a FPD file with the holes for the jacks and pots, but no printing.
I had already mentioned this in a post by mic.w andfcd72 had offered to made a panel (thanks Frank, I only declined because I wanted to learn using FPD, but I’m sure you’d have it done way faster and better than me :slight_smile: )

I had ordered PCBs from internet and the minimal quantity was 10, they deliverd 14, and I’m unlikely to ever build all of them, and unlikely to find the time to complete the panel design as I’m happy with my hand drawn panel :-)…
So here’s the deal: having no interest in piling up unpopulated PCBs, and my DIY projects backlog getting bigger by the day, if you’re interested, I have a few PCBs left to trade for whatever you think is a fair deal (I’m not picky, a local candy will do :slight_smile: but if you can’t find anything to trade the shipping is yours)…
Sourcing parts and ordering or building the panel will be up to you, (I’ll save pcbs for mic.w and fcd72 if they’re still interested, because they were the first to show interest :slight_smile: ) .

the bom is:
7 Erthenvar jacks
4 9mm pots (lin or log, I tried 50k and 100k are fine)
5 100K resistors
2 47K resistors
1 330r resistor
2 100n caps
2 47pf caps
one tl072
one 2*5 euro power header

Cheers, and many thinks to Olivier and Mutable Instruments for giving me the taste to build more DIY synth, and for dragging me into the modular world :slight_smile:

Im in for one!

Look nice-I’m in for one! :slight_smile:

Ill take one, anything from Canada you need? ( I cant ship Pamela Anderson)

Put me down for one if there are enough - cheers :slight_smile:

I would happily be in for one if there are any left? :slight_smile:

Know what, I’ll take one as well! If there’s one left that is…

id like one, too if possibe:)

same here, one if possible !

Anymore available?

If there is one left, I would gladly take one. :slight_smile:

Hi guys!

There’s one for each of you (edit: and no leftover…), thanks for your patience with my delays replying, I’m a bit in a mess at the moment, but I will finally be ready to ship soon :slight_smile: so PM me your addresses for the shipping, I plan to ship with the very cheapest untracked letter option available, given the small size and low value of the items.

Meanwhile, I’ll upload the eagle schematics and board files, and the fpd file for the case.

@Dude163, unfortunately I don’t know much about Canada, appart from snow, beavers, moose, and poutine… but these may not be easy to ship. The trading is actually not mandatory, it’s nice if you do, but I’ll be happy with a pic of your build and frontpanel designs, and a few words about your usage :slight_smile:


great news! thanks a lot!

Added some details here

Eagle files and FPD available on my GitHub

btw. does this have / need a panel?
maybe a panel designed by me? :slight_smile:

A “Pasqualini-panel” would be super! :slight_smile:

it’s a small one so it shouldn’t be too expensive… I’ll check prices, though right now nobody seems to be replying to my emails, from all the people I’ve contacted regarding quotes for panel manufacturing.

If we’re just a couple of people it might be better to go for CNC, could ask Julian from for a quote. Would you prefer CNC or photoprint?

There’s of course also the plexy-option. Might be cheapest and Frank will certainly be happy to cut them for us. The components are all PCB mount, you might have to get some that are suitable for thicker panels (3mm) if we go with plexy. Aluminium usually is 2mm.

btw. let’s share links /codes on components for this one! I’m really bad in sourcing…

Id suggest 1,6mm 2Ply Top for a nice engraving bond to a 3mm Panel - looks good and is rugged.