My enclosure project

Front Panel Express for the front and back panel (< need to finish the fpd file)

The box in wood, home made… (< in progress)

I’ve got my red screen already :))))

bad ass!!

is the inverted logo intentional? I think it would look better with the colors inverted

looking good!

great design! Actually I like how you aligned all the pots… is the faceplate bigger so you can mount it, or is it just aesthetics?

looking good. Have you considered doing the whole thing at FPE? They do enclosures also…

I’vnt followed my project…Last saturday, in my street, i found a little object in a trash and transform it… about to be finished:

That’s brilliant! Love it!

Yeah! This kicks all kinds of ass. Please tell me the display is behind that tinted window. Bravo.

the display is behind that green tinted window :smiley:

Awe… And it’s red? Sure would like to see that in action.

it’s red :slight_smile: didn’t try it now, two or three things to finish before, perhap’s this night…

Would look über-cool with the control/pots labelled in russian or in a strange east-european language

U ask sometimes for ears, but you got supa dupa EYES mate That’s right, i don’t know from wich country it is…

Since when german is a weird east european language :smiley:

Now I know enough german to navigate in the Reichelt catalogue!

ok that’s awesome. great find.

its like a combination between robocop & an old cassetteplayer!
Looks great!

!!! YES !!

FU** The RED LCD dont pass through the green PVC nothing nothing nothing of red is viewable through this mother blabla green thing All green/blue/white led without a lot of light pass through this piece of pvc, orange a little but red nothing ouiiiiiiiiiinnnn… Il will search in all trash in my city to find a red piece of pvc All other things are ok now…