My custom fcd72 programmer (work in progress)


the picture is a link to the flickr page where you can watch it in original size.

obviously this is work in progress. i’ve forgotten to drill 1 hole wide enough, still waiting for those long time ago ordered fancy neoprene LED sockets (should be here in …um… a few weeks??), have to do some filing on the display cutout, shorten the LCD’s standoffs, color the cutting edges, find some better mounting screws (philips head doesn’t work, yuck… any product suggestions in M3 maybe? )
and a whole lot of very enjoyable wiring!

i just pre-assembled the lady to see that everything fits, and it does

hasn’t Frank done a KILLER LASER JOB ???
man, thanks

more pics to follow soon, stay tuned!

when i think about it, i actually never press a menu button while turning an edit pot. when going through the menues i’m more visually oriented. and when tweaking the actual “programmer” knobs there’s no visual feedback anyway.
this reduces the strength of the argument very much. maybe i can tell more about it after playing with it for a while.
also everybody’s different.
hehe the Shruthi will be even more wikkid once the case is finished! as far as i can tell it will never be a perfectly handcrafted beauty or something like that (due to my missing metal & woodworking skills).

Wikkid, I want one too!
Is it just me or does anyone else think that the rotary is placed on the wrong side of the display? I keep covering the LCD with my left hand while playing the keyboard with the right…

Then just play your keyboard with the left hand :wink:

Ah, but my left hand only does bass lines and such, the right can do all that and then some…

i could have done it differently, but haven’t even thought about that, so it seems natural for me that way, too. what i have taken into consideration is the handling of encoder and button (the encoders i use have no additional switch). the way it is now allows for turning the encoder while pushing the button without finger wrenching (right handed).

i’m no Jimi Tenor so i better let the sequencer do the work. so for me operating the switches (mostly) with the left hand and tweaking parameters with the right (or both hands) is very comfortable.

To me, the encoder is not something to be used while playing - but more during programming or when saving/loading stuff.

right. besides load/ save it’s a good tool to inc/dec parameters by exactly one step, while pots sometimes take 2 at a time.
but i do that with the right hand too, so i never obscure the display.

Well, it was just something I noticed while playing and fiddling around. I find the left hand button pressing, right hand rotary turning argument very strong and will bother you with this no more!

I still think your panel is wikkid rosch!

Yo rosch! Nice work

I think hex screws would look good, like they are used on the electribe or this x0xb0x

yeah i just found an ebay seller who has a huge selection of the x0x style stainless steel screws in different sizes!

who’s the seller please (link?)

That’s torx, right? In-hex with full heads are also nice, me thinks…

i’m not sure what the real x0x style screws actually are, but i’m fine with the hex (inbus) screws.
it’s this seller:

note that i haven’t tried them yet but will do tonight!

@Lindeborg, they are in-hex, not torx. Nice find rosch! Quite a selection!

Oki, my xoxbox is torx, but it’s second source… ChipsForBrains/Cy/TechnologyTransplant/ModeMachines

haha! Nice picture :wink:

I have lots of those hex bolts left over from x0xb0x builds. Easy to get at RS.
I’d offer to send you some, but I think these might be a bit short? 6mm (M3)

i’ve bought me some yesterday. i’ve also bought very short ones, like 6mm or 8mm, just to mount the panel on L profile (tapped bores),
but also some at 20 and 25mm length, to allow for grounding with a nut, or mounting boards on the back…

I like these