My Clouds has Stopped making any sound

Hi Everyone, ive been a happy clouds user for about 8 months until the last couple of days when ive noticed its not freezing anything in its buffer. I feed it an audio signal, the leds register and gain knob changes volume level and led level. Press freeze and nothing, density is not at 12 o clock. Im using a Doepfer psu3 case. I took it out for visible inspection,checked connections, all looks fine. Went through the different buffer settings to see if i could freeze into them, no joy. Anybody know what might of happened or something i should try. Thx.

Starting with the most obvious possibility. Have you inadvertently turned the wet/dry mix in blend mode 1 down so you’re not hearing the processed signal?

You know what, I swear on my modular I checked the wet/dry blend knob, its an obvious thing to check, but, you were right and the wet/dry mix was too far down but the green light was on hence me thinking it was broke. I actually feel ashamed of this post and my public stupidity. Feel free to have a laugh. I can write tunes and use eurorack modules honest.

Haha, easily done. Don’t let it worry you. Happy Cloudsing.