My ceramic cap 100nF for Digital Control board are marked "104 K" not just "104"

For the control board, my ceramic cap 100nF ( C1, C2, C3 C4, C8, C5 ) purchased from reichelt are are labelled 104 K, not just 104 as indicated in instructions here :

Is it ok please ?

yep. fine.

Thank you very much Mr oootini !

The K is an indication of tolerance.

Meaning +/- 10% tolerance, usually.

Yeah, Capacitor labeling isn’t the most obvious until you know how to interpret it. it means 10 and 4 0’s so that is 100000 and it is the number of pico farrads rather than nano farads. It takes a bit of getting used to.

I have a large tolerance with friends, but prefer a tiny one with capacitors :wink:


10% tolerance also usually (but not always) means they are X7R, which are a bit better quality than Z5U/Y5U types…

@gwaidan: Sensible advice for general purpose use. However, low tolerance caps (even of a slightly inferior type) make far more sense to me for filter tuning, as otherwise the various poles of your filter may not be tuned to the same frequency and the filter could also sound different at high resonance settings.

Take care out there!


@yewtreemagic: Good point, but low tolerance and cap quality actually tend to go together-NP0/C0G ceramics are generally 5% tolerance or better, and they are definitely audio grade, as well as being suitable for timing circuits. On the other hand Z5U/Y5U are intrinsically poor tolerance (the U means variation of 80% over the operating temperature range!). I found this to be a really good reference…


Thank you all !
" it means 10 and 4 0’s so that is 100000 and it is the number of pico farrads rather than nano farads "
Whow ! for a newbie like me it’s not easy ! :slight_smile:
Indeed mine are X7R …
They are blue instead of orange, do you think if I painted it would be better ? :slight_smile:

I have a matching blue PCB Set left… :wink:


Nice link - thanks for that!

Here’s one for you in return that I found useful Cap_Fallacies.pdf