My Case Part 2

My last post left me thinking I should give my case a softer side. I went to my local art supply and got some girly specialty paper and spray adhesive. It’s got an old vacuum tube amplifier kinda look. It would be nice not to ruin the top with screws but I have no ideas how to accomplish this.

Ahem. Weird! You need green knobs for the upper Shruthi :wink:

Shagadelic! Austin Powers would be proud of you!

I like the squarewaves

looks cool.
regarding the screws, perhaps you could use some countersunk head screws (if you got the right tool for the holes and if the matrial’s thick enough)
btw what are the 2 holes on the right for?

Hey rosch,

The two holes are for on/off switches. Here’s the first post of the case,
My Case Part 1

Did you drop the faders?

@fcd72 No, I just haven’t finished. As for your earlier comment, I think green knobs would look great and the top unit, but I matched LEDs and LCD color to the knobs so it’d be easy to distinguish the units. SMR4:red; CEM3379:Green, & I’m thinking blue or white for the SSM2044. I saw your post about the intensity of the blue LEDs. Most seem to be 500mcd and above, whereas the LEDs I use for these are 8 mcd. I found some these which may work. Do you think 15mcd is also too bright? I don’t know if 220R 1/4W will work. Every online calculator for resistor value tells me I should use a 1/8W 56R. I guess I can just swap out the 220’s if they don’t work.

@bitracer LOL. I didn’t even see that!

1/4W is roughly twice as much as 1/8W ;). 56R is so low that you may need a bigger Wallwart ;). Start with the onboard 220R, desoldering a Resistor is easy (Start with one pin and gently pull out the Pin, then heat the other side an pull it out gently, Use a small (<15W) Iron. Did i mention you should do this gently??)

I think you have diagnosed all my desoldering problems. I have a variable 300W solder iron I usually just have pretty close to max power. I always suspected it was too hot. I could probably buy a fixed value 15W to train myself for the desoldering.

So having 6 LEDs would require more current? 15mcd isn’t too bright, you think? Thanks for all the help.

56R is very low, as the resistor’s purpose is to lower the current that will flow through the led. to achieve a darker glow you can increase the resistor value.
(you could also try with a trimpot in series with say the given 220R to find out what’s the right brightness for your eyes and then measure the value and then take a resistor close to the sum)

Hey CheeseNoOnions…

300W ???!? Heck you can burn a hole in the ShruthiVerse™ with that one, ill tell the guys in Lingen Nuclear Power Plant to remove the Moderator Rods next time you switch it on - you are responsible for the Blackouts in South America and Africa! The trick to desoldering is to melt the tin, not the entire board!

Honestly, get a smaller one. QUICK! I have a 15W for big parts (like the audio Jacks or some Pads that are directly attached to the ground plane and an 8W like this: (<- this thing eats up the tips…), if unshure get the 15w thing.

Use something like this for soldering:

For desoldering do as desribed above with max 15W (Gently! Its not an aircraft carrier!). I use a needle from a syringe to punch thru holes that are filled with solder, i prefer this to a Vaccum Pump.

As for the LEDs: Try. An maybe fail. Do not desolder with this 300w Monster. Use that one for Plumbing, building submarines or lighting up californias leftover forrest.

LOL. You’re hysterical

Oh this is embarrassing…Ok after reading your post I started wondering why I wasn’t burning through more PCBs and starting more electrical fires, and it turns out I was mistaken. The station I use is the WellerWLC100 which has,"<300W MAX For Soldering Iron Only" printed above the iron’s plug. Turns out my iron is 40W at it’s highest setting. sigh I’m afraid to admit it, but I work in research science where observation and due diligence are important…people wonder why nothing gets cured.

I’m using about 30-40W to solder and desolder. That’s probably still a little much, though.

Just for fun, I googled 300W irons. Can you imagine trying to make a shruthi with one of these ?


40w is still pretty, maybe change, weller has some nice 16w if i remember right.

The iron on the pic is perfect for soldering all ATMega pins at once :wink: