My Braids gives contant sound when I updated to 1.8

Hi guys,

I just updates my Braids to 1.8.

My output gives contant sound, even when it’s triggered by my Beatstep pro. The braids receive the 1V/oct modulation, but plays constant sound anyway, even thru an adsr module.

I know it may be a noob question, but if anyone can help me it would be very appreciated !

Thanks !

That’s the normal behavior of a VCO: it produces a constant sound. If you took a classic analog synth and opened it you’d see that its VCOs are constantly running. That’s the job of the VCF and VCA to shape this sound!

You need to patch Braids’ output into a VCA (or through a VCF then a VCA), and control this VCA by an ADSR controlled by the gate output from the Beatstep pro.

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Oook Thanks a lot ! I think I wasn’t using it the right way form the beginning…

There’s also an internal VCA and AD envelope in the menu and manual to explore🙂

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