MY Beads questions!

a) What is the difference between Beads Delay mode with the seed button in and out, i hear that there is some sort of tape style effect when i move the density but whats actually happening here?

b) When i feed Beads a clock and use it so the density acts as a divider, when i turn it CW and get the more divisions they are random, is there a way to change how random this is somehow also when i fully turn it CW to the 16th posistion it is no longer random, is this how its meant to be so you can always get a hit when needed or should it be random like all the other CW divisions?

c) When using the density input (5) for a 1volt per octave setting when the grains hit audio rate, this only works when turning the density know CCW, this is correct? When i try this turning density CW i just get some crispy high noise. Just checking this is working as intended?



SEED button latched: free running delay. DENSITY continuously adjusts the base delay time (and since it is swept continuously, you get this doppler/tape effect).

SEED input patched or SEED button tapped: tap delay. DENSITY selects a division of the base delay time set by the external clock or the taps on the SEED button.

(Pages 14 and 15 of the manual)

b) From 12 o’clock to fully CW, the knob controls the probably of accepting or skipping the trigger. When you turn the knob fully CW, the probability of accepting the trigger is 100% and you get exactly the triggers you’re sending to the module.

(Page 7 of the manual)

c) The density input has a 1V/Oct response on either extremes of the knob (from 7 o’clock to 9 o’clock ; and from 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock), when the rate reaches audio frequencies. The V/O tracking works on both sides!

When i try this turning density CW i just get some crispy high noise

The first half of the knob corresponds to constant rates, the second half of the knob corresponds to randomly modulated rates. You’ll notice that this cripsy noise tracks indeed 1V/Oct.

(Page 7 of the manual)

Thankyou. I have read the manual a good number of times i swear, I don’t know if its the wording but my brains not taking some of that information in properly lol…

Awesome module though loving how you can make things groove like you want but without neccarily giving it a tone, like a slicer, chopper repeater kind of thing, total respect at this module its genius!