My Anushri got a lot of problems

Hi everyone,

Just finished my build for the Anushri but it’s not working. I’m a noob in electronic so I’ll try to explain with my word, if it’s not understandable ask me and I’ll try to be more precise =).

I just got a very low sound from the output, i’ve got to set my pre-amp very high to heard something. I can’t manage to switch between synth, Clk/Kbd and drums. Only the 5th and the 6th Leds are working. Most of the knobs are modulating the sound when I turn it but I don’t know if it sound like it should be…

So i went to the troubleshooting section to check the Power distribution.

All is fine exept for the point 3.

Cause I’ve got -13V at the point 2 and 11V at the point 3 .

Thanks for helping


PS: I’m french, so sorry if my english is poor.

So this part of the troubleshooting is ok?

red points: +5V, ±2%.
green points: -5V, ±2%.
purple points: +4.1V, ±1%.
cyan point: -4.1V, ±1%.

Could you post hi res pictures of both the front and backside of both the PCB’s?

What you should try next is to follow the signal path. It’s in the troubleshooting section of the build page how to do this.