My 4PM is finally finished

I think I’m taking this arctic thing a bit too far. First I put the Shruthi in a case of “ice”, then I got some clear knobs for it, and finally, I made little “ice cube” buttons for it.

Wow, you’ll be sinking the Titanic with that one. Awesome stuff!

Whoa, that looks fantastic ! Great work.

Man, that’s just beautiful. Wow.

Cool … That’s the icelandic version ! Send it to me, that will fit with the frozen landscapes we have now in some remote fjords or in the highlands.


Hédi K.

The buttons are - öhm - arctic. Do you need gloves to operate this???

fcd72, of course you need gloves. Although, cool music is easier on this Shruthi than on the others. hpsounds, you could use real ice, and only play outside in the winter. It would make for an interesting “art” installation.

Thanks people, I appreciate the comments.

I want a set of those buttons. What temperature should I set the osc mod to?

Just to give you an idea of how stupid I really am, let me tell you about the buttons. First I used a way-too-large table saw to cut the plexi. Then I cut the button sized pieces with a small hacksaw. Next I cut 3/16" from the bottom of each of the stock white buttons and used two-part epoxy to glue the button bottoms to the plexi ice cubes.

It makes me want to lick it or put it in a drink. Mind you many synths have that effect on me.

ultra cool!
you win the design award imo!

Thanks again!

That’s a really nice case you’ve built there! :slight_smile:

Thanks thijs. I wonder if I can stick some fish in there? I used to break-in electric slot car motors under water so I know it’s possible to run something electric in water. Looks odd 'though. Not sure I’d want to try it with a Shruthi.

I remember that one guy transformed a shruthi to make it water-proof, in order to communicate with dolphins.

Wow, that would be cool. I want to put the water inside the case.

Well, if you can manage that, i will call you master :wink:

how about a fish?

Wow! I guess Yetis deserve Shruthis too.

Maybe a cutout of a fish, or a can of tuna.