My 2nd 4PM ms resonance sound a little tame - could it be the pole mixing resistors?


I got my 2nd Shruthi-1 4PM a couple of weeks ago, and I noticed it has less of that nice screaming ms distortion compared to my original 4PM assembled by O. I assumed it was the tuning but I cannot get the new 4PM to rumble like my old 4PM.

Then I noticed that on the new 4PM the 33,2k resistors had been incorrectly replaced by 33k resistors in (from the little I understand) the pole mixing portion. Before I order new resistors and start desoldering I wonder: Could this be the reason for the different sounds?


The difference between 33.2k and 33k is less than 1% - which is the tolerance.

So it’s certainly not the cause of the difference.

Thanks! I’ll dig on.