My 1st build - and it's working :)

As a longtime forum lurker and MI fanboy it’s perhaps strange that I just finished my 1st DIY build ever - a Tubeohm ladder for my beloved Ambika. I was prepared for endless troubleshooting, but instead it just worked straightaway. I’m still in shock.

Do I really have to care about cleaning the board now that everything’s up and running?


Erm, no. Just give it a once-over to calm any OCD if you have it, then it should be fine.

Only for optical reasons. If you used high qualitiy leaded solder with integrated flux and no extra flux you should be good for at least the next 75 years

Thanks for the advice. I doubt that I’ll be around for 75 years and I’ve learnt to deal with my OCD :slight_smile:

Impressive response rate by the way. I love this forum :slight_smile:

Shruthi was my second DIY build and I was amazed it worked first time. I did solder it all in one evening and hurt my back though.

I make more mistakes now since I don’t read build instructions properly :slight_smile: always give them a once over.

Whats “instructions” ?

The reason my build worked was probably that what I lacked in experience I compensated in terms of obsessively and slowly following every step of the excellent instructions. Kudos to Olivier and Andre.