Muting model on Plaits


I would like to know if there’s a way to mute one or several models, so that when modulate input model with tension, they are not played. I mean I know that model playing depends of the voltage but it’s hard even with attenuation to select precisely models. There is one in particulary, the “voice” one, that I would like to mute permanently.

Thanks !

This is not possible. Which modulation source are you using to select the model? A sequencer? An LFO?

Thanks for your return. I mainly use lfo of maths wich I like because I can as well modulate it. But I use René and Marble too, maybe I need to go deeper in this way to define the tension of the speech synthesis model and exclude it from my sequence…

You could try something cheap like a korg sq-1 sequencer. Then you would have 16 voltages you could set how you like and exclude whatever you like by not selecting that certain frequency.

The sequencer has a few different modes: it can be synced to external clock or progress when you send it a trigger. You can even play it like a keyboard with 16 preset voltages.

A really good sequencer to use for this might be Noise Engineering Mimetic Digitalis, because:

  • It has a voltage addressing function — meaning that if you don’t want to use a clock, you can start with your same LFO into it and yet get a output that hits the models in any order.
  • Its input and output voltage range is 0-5V, same as a full sweep of Plaits’ MODEL (if you have the manual model selection set to the first model).
  • It has 16 steps, just like Plaits has 16 models.
  • Remapping the MODEL requires only one of its four output channels, so the other three could be used to adjust TIMBRE, MORPH, & HARMONICS to suit the different models.
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