Mute Voltages

After the weekend’s break with tradition and some sort of melody/rhythm/structure, back to the longform modular meditations for me.

Patch notes:

Pam’s New Workout channels.

  1. Not Used (was used to drive Tides but subsequently unpatched)
  2. Sine LFO controlling decay of Maths Ch1
  3. Trigger to Maths Ch1
  4. Random LFO feeding A156 quantizer controlling STO1
  5. Triangle LFO modulating CV input of A124 filter
  6. Trig to drive Disting Mk3 in quantized ASR mode
  7. Trig to drive Microbrute sequencer
  8. Trig to clock in of Batumi

QR2 to A124 filter to Blinds, modualted by Tides and then to Rings input
STO1 and 2 playing randomly fired sequences into Optomix/Maths combo with decay channels on Maths being modulated for damping.
Microbrute being driven by irregular trigger from Pam’s, Peaks LFO modulating pitch of Microbrute.

As ever, mixed on a Behringer mixer with Strymon BlueSky and El Cap pedals on the busses. Recorded directly to a stereo pair on a Zoom H4.

I really do keep thinking that I should get a second Rings as it’s just so full of that lovely secret sauce.

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I think I’ll leave it running for the rest of the evening and just let it take me somewhere…

Thanks for listening. Hope it took you somewhere interesting/useful.

oh yes! quite the trip! :slight_smile: