Mute Synth II

A new gadget from Mute ( engineered and designed by Dirty Electronics )

It can be pre-ordered now

Mute Synth II

Noise generator
Waveshaping (triangle - square)
Buffered output
External clock option
Touch and knob/potentiometer controls
Mini patchbay
Dotmatrix display (external module)
PCB artwork
Bend and hack points
Expansion board capability
Mini jack/headphone output
Battery powered 9v (battery not included)

The Synth comes with an album of works by artists associated with Dirty Electronics and Mute featuring Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle), Dominic Butler (Factory Floor), kidkanevil, Simon Fisher Turner, Dirty Electronics, Max Wainwright, Dushume, Steph Horak, Threep, and Simon Atkinson

I do not know why but I have ordered one already :slight_smile: it looks sexy :slight_smile:

Looks really nice… In this doc there is also some schematics and a nice story…

Anything that involves Throbbing Gristle/or crazy sound from simple devices is fine by me.
The manual is full of great detail, thanks for linking it @shiftr! The inclusion of the noise and oscillator circuits in the back is great.

The aesthetic is quit nice, and the patch bay seems well though out. They even have selectable headphone or line level from the mod matrix with a jumper. That is very smart.

Now imagine having a synth like this as a business card. I know I have…

This is interesting. It:

  • looks cool, and is very compact
  • has a patchbay, and is hackable/bendable
  • is reasonably affordable
  • makes sounds.

That’s the thing though. I want it, like I would want any new synth that hits the market, but I don’t know that I need it. I wish the demo had more sounds. Right now, it just seems like it just does a bunch of noise. Should I check out the album samples?

Looks nice, and looks DIYable, when 300 pieces dissapear