Mutable take on Music Thing Startup?

Time for some speculation!
Since we have Ears as some kind of collaboration based on Microphonie as inspiration, what would an MI take on startup be like?
We know that there was a module named “Outs” in the works a couple of years ago, but from the panels it appeared pretty straight forward…

You’ll have to find Hermes first.


I would:

  • Remove the clock source.
  • Expand on the mixer concept by adding extra inputs with built-in static LP/BP/HP filters (so you can inject sources pre-EQed to not leak too many highs, or lows, or highs and lows). I think I talked to Tom about that at Loop - mixers without pots and just an array of inputs. But then came Nearness and I thought someone had implemented the idea and it was too late for me.
  • Probably find something better for the headphone amp (with more current drive for low impedance headphones).
  • Find Hermes.

Is this some kind of meme I have missed? :thinking:

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i don’t get it, either.



A bit of a spoiler to this speculation thread! :wink:

The description with variable filtering is also similar to the Worng Sound Stage:


Oh wow it’s exactly that! Have you tested it? How practical is it?

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I haven’t tried it myself yet, though I’d like to.

Theres a really excellent divkid demo, use headphones!

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sounds like a brilliant module.
wish it was more affordable.
(love my lrmsmslr)

[edit:] rubdadub have it for preorder at a slightly more resonable price than schneiders.

I have it and like it a lot

The panning works nicely although there is always a temptation to just fill up all the inputs. The filter is my favorite part of it, it makes everything warm and fuzzy.