Mutable @ Superbooth17?


I think presenting when ready to ship same day or the next is better, as tough as that can be logistically. Get it into stores who were able to keep previous modules under wrap. A full demo by people like divkid and voltagecontrol at time of annoncement and sale start may break internet. Basically I like the way mi modules have been rolling out. Meanwhile everyone be patient and make songs.


I’m happy :)) The “DE-GENERATOR” will also be there on the Superbooth 17 in Berlin.

Pic1: Mutable place on Superbooth 17
Pic2: DE-GENERATTOR place on Superbooth 17 (Sonic Potions)


Didn’t know that Sonic Potions made semi-modular softsynths though :slight_smile:


Yes… We are guests at Sonic Potions :slight_smile:


Disappointing that the Mutable booth isn’t right next to the Macbeth booth…

Just BTW, there’ll be at least one Ornament & Crime module at Superbooth 2017, at the Oscillosaurus booth (in some corner on another floor), and I’m sure Gareth from Oscillosaurus won’t mind anyone dropping by if they want to have a play with it. Oscillosaurus make panels (and alternative panels) for various modules, including O&C. I gather that Oscillosaurus will also be showing off modules from several Australian module manufacturers, although I’m not sure which ones (NonLinearCircuits (NLC) and Mungo being the best-known, but more likely to be some smaller boutique Oz manufacturers). KOMA may also have an O&C in their rack (they did at NAMM 2017) - they are on the same floor as the Mutable booth.


@rolfdegen: well I didn’t know you were making a semi-modular softsynth either :slight_smile:


And I am on a climbing holiday.


Anyone else here who couldn’t find a Mutabe Instruments booth at Superbooth? The spot where it was supposed to be was empty.


Yes, Olivier couldn’t make it.


The next nice event is happy knobbing in Fischbach (Germany)

Info Happy Knobbing

The DE-GENERATOR team is there :))