Mutable sequencer - next round of modules?

@eelco: I’d love to design the panel for a crazy, mindblowing MI sequencer.

I don’t fully agree about no dedicated midi sequencers being available, I can think of a few affordable ones:
MTRX-8 / S, MidiALF, MidiWarrior (new firmware), just to name a few I can think of now.

They all have their strenghts and peculiarities, but they all have their downsides and quirks and most of them are really linear / classic in their approach.
I’m sure that if Olivier was to make a sequencer it would be something really different in its approach and btw I would be the first in line camping in front of the Mutable Store waiting for the doors to open to get mine! :slight_smile:

so far I’ve tried a few sequencers, but those I liked best are the ones that can be used to shape a material in very different ways. probabilities, play modes, transpositions… there’s a lot you can do. though of course a hardware device has some big limitations if compared to software. It’s hard to make something like Iannix/Geosonix or the above mentioned CycliC without sacrificing functionality and usability. Well maybe Cyclic could be almost feasible :slight_smile:

btw Dogma: I have an MTRX-8 to let go :slight_smile:

  • you have to consider the fact that there is already the quintessential Hardware Sequencer - one thats really hard to beat when it comes to any flavor of Step Sequencing or classic Polyphonic Multitrack sequencing. So why waste your Time with it while you can do something really new, fresh and unique?

Doing a sequencer would take a lot of time in terms of support, enhancements etc. Make it CV and people want MIDI. Make it MIDI and people want CV.

Even with the level of features in the Cirklon, people are still asking for more.

Of course midiALF with the CV extension board is more or less the “MI sequencer”, in that it uses MI design elements, bits of MI code and code libraries, and is also open source (which Orbitals is not). It even has the same display as the Ambika. I connect these two quite a lot …

The Cirklon is cool, it really packs a lot of power and feature, then of course not everybody is willing the spend that much and not everybody want such a huge piece of gear.
The midiALF also is pretty cool, but afaik only available as a PCB+programmed chips, no full kit, no fully built units, which also restricts the target to the more DIY-inclined people.

For example, since most of the builds where I have sourced the components have failed so far, am really not going to attempt another project of this kind, also sourcing components is really the most annoying part of DIY.

So for one reason or the other both the Cirklon and the MidiALF are out of the question (well except for a second hand MidiALF maybe)

… we forgot to mention the Gorf by Vaco Loco in its various incarnations. That one also should be added to the list.

I think there are still some people who want hardware sequencing. But plenty of people use laptops live. So while the complexity of software and operating systems causes the risk of crashes and lockups, the battery in the laptop at least guards against power drop outs?

Cirklon boots in about 5 seconds, thats way faster than your fancy moving lights will switch on again after power failure or your amps get restarted……

And there is also the MidiRex … I’m expecting even more sequencing tools from midisizer if he ever recovers from modularitis.

There are also some more fancy ideas about sequencing out there, like the Exfilinator or something new I’m working on……

Working on? New?

We Will Wait Patiently …

oh come on ! Give us a hint !

Razmasynth IX ?

Gibt mir oder was!

@fcd62 If you’re using a laptop and synth plugins the playback will never stop, there will be no reboots or restarts.

That was the whole reason for the rise in laptop use for live electronic music. Even Kraftwerk gave in and use macbook pros now, they know a thing about live electronic music. Same with Erasure and Vince Clarke, he knows a lot about touring with electronic kit.

Live performance requires compromise sometimes. Howard Jones took some old analog synths out with him on a “classic album” tour. He took two synths of the same model, both broke and it was only thanks to a fan in the audience that he got another one to use.

doods. euro sequencers are wack.

run some mixed lfo’s into a sample and hold module.

I don’t know about wack, but I wouldn’t want to give up so much rack space. I’d rather have a standard 19" or desktop unit.

Razmasynth viii isn’t wide at all …