Mutable sequencer - next round of modules?

Ive been a mutable accolyte for ages but Im becoming a make noise one as well. So while playing on modular grid I kept wishing for a full dedicated Oliver Sequencer. Will it happen?

Do you mean a classic 8/16 step sequencer?
I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this will never happen.
For a start Olivier’s already created Yarns, which as programmable sequencers go (not to mention the midi to cv capabilities or the vco capabilities) is the best out there.
For non menu standard classic type sequencers there’s the Doepfer, Eurokorn, SimpleSeq etc, and the daddy of them all, the Klee. Then there’s a load of very simple 8 step sequencers like the ModSeq etc, and for the stranger sequencers there’s the Rene (menu based), and combined random and set sequencers like the Turing, STG, Z8000 etc. Oh, and Pressure Points, Frames and loads of other sequencers.
I really don’t think that Olivier would be that interested in a standard type sequencer, as basically there’s not much that can be done that isn’t already available without veering drastically away from the usability of a classic sequencer.
I could be completely wrong though, I quite often am.

Oh, and Peaks, which can be a 4 step sequencer. And Edges.
Which makes 4 MI modules with sequencing capabilities. Although 2 of them are bonus modes, but still. That’s a lot of sequencing power within MI modules already.
Although none of them are your classic sequencer, unless you count 101 style sequencing as classic, which I guess it is.
(Also not counting the Anushri which is effectively 1 channel of Yarns)

Yeah, rows of 8 or 16 knobs and switches is not something I’m interested in.

There’s really a lot of good sequencers in that style around, so why make another one? But of course, in the more peculiar sequencer field there is still a lot to explore and to make!

A nice (and pretty) new one I just built is Orbitals, by Hexinverter
This has some interesting extras, like sequencing with a control voltage.

The panel is designed by … the guy who happened to post here just above me, and also did some (even most?) of the MI ones ! So fits in well with MI modules. Not (yet ?) open source, though, and schematics are not (yet ?) published.

I meant not a 8 x or 16 x or knobs or switches - I meant the Mutable sequencer. Which I have no idea what it would look like but im sure it would be interesting and easy to use. That Orbitals looks like great for that type of sequencer

i’d love to see a full fledged midi sequencer, not something like orbitals, but something sufficient to drive a small arrangement with a few drum and monophonic and polyphonic tracks. A performance computer/sequencer if you like. Powerful, but with some of the quirks and limitations that are typical for hardware. I still think a sequencer shapes the way electronic music is done significantly, it is part of the instrument, not just a tool.

Maybe something like sonic potions LXR only for external synths, with a few more playful features than the electribes, mpc and elektrons lack (probability per step, generative modes, different track length, …).

Probably not really Mutable Instruments territory (but who knows … there is always hope). But from MI, I could well imagine more generative modules, Anushri has a lot scales and stuff. But it is not easy to imagine how something like this would work in eurorack (so that it remains powerful and general, not a one trick pony. Grids is a good example, but things get a lot more complicated if tonal sequences are involved).

Future retro has a new machine (, somehow it reminded me a bit of Mutable Instruments (whether appropriate or not), simply because it was off the beaten track, and looked very interesting (even though the zillion it is based on an old design).

Imagine an Ambika with an LXR sequencer on the top. That’d be cool.

Maybe you should ask Julian from Sonic Potions about it, he might be the right person to make such a sequencer :slight_smile:

But then you would have to design the panel, rumpelfilter :slight_smile:

> i’d love to see a full fledged midi sequencer, not something like orbitals, but something sufficient to drive a small arrangement with a few drum and monophonic and polyphonic tracks

It would need to be way bigger than 42 HP, and at this point, there’s no reason to turn it into a module. It would be much more usable as a desktop unit. Like this…

—> yes, i had a desktop unit in mind with a form factor like LXR or Anushri. Actually midi-based also, there are so many good midi-CV interfaces available, including Yarns, such that there is almost no need to have dedicated CV-out (but clock integration would be good).

I am aware of the cirklon (slightly out of my price range, but one day i might have to …).

Check out the Midibox Seq V4. It’s DIY, powerful, and can be built pretty cheaply. You can add CV outs to it if you like.

The discussion in this thread seems to be going around in circles, which is appropriate because Mutable Instruments already has a dedicated step sequencer product.

The Intillijel Metropolis Euro sequencer looks intriguing, as an alternative approach to sequencing.

Quite pricey, though.


yes, circles it is! i know [i am also aware of the midibox, but too confusing for me]. But i forgot about CycliC, maybe available as a module one day? Some of these iPad sequencers are also quite nice.

But I am still somewhat surprised about the almost total absence of dedicated hardware sequencers for electronic music (minus cirklon). They are instruments, after all. All these x0x sequences are due to the sequencer, not because of the cheesy bass synth. Of course now, with hindsight, one can program such sequences with anything, but it was the limited original sequencer that started it. Sequencers shape the way one thinks about, well, … sequences (be it a tracker, a classic 16-step analogue sequencer, the 303 step method).

And now it’s all ableton, it seems. Almost nothing available as hardware. I wonder why? Maybe people do not appreciate hw sequencer, no market? Or the childhood dream of the the DIY people is rather to design a polyphonic analogue synth, not a sequencer? There is something going on for modulars, though. Metropolis, Rene, some very interesting concepts that would also work well for non-modular midi synths I think.

> Or the childhood dream of the the DIY people is rather to design a polyphonic analogue synth, not a sequencer?

From a developer point of view, I can tell you that designing a full-blown MIDI sequencer is quite tedious. There’s a lot of “data management” (copy/save features etc.) and few areas in which you can do something truly new. It’s like wondering why people paint horses and meadows in their free time, while nobody paints cutaway drawings of injection pumps.

My wall full of recreationally drawn cutaway injection pump illustrations would take issue with that statement.

Same! Says looking up from latest Injection pump cutouts…Pamelas workout seems quite cool. Something along those lines I guess - clever, simple and well executed.