Mutable products = crazy waf :)

last year my wife asked to assist me building mutable products
then she started soldering, had previous experience at school
then she made without any error the shruthi XT control board
this week i received an anushri kit, and she just get it, found the Anushri page, sorted the components, and right now she is soldering the Anushri main board.

Wow, may be it’s time for me to get an Ambika kit, Mutable Instruments are Viral Instruments :smiley:

I like that clean sorted parts box. I don’t do it like this.

Yeah, that’s actually a good idea. Neat.

If you’re really OCD and organised, get a spare cutlery tray.

£2 from IKEA

@6581punk +1 for using cutlery trays on the work tables. It also helps to fix it in place by using double sided tape or velcro.