Mutable Plaits - Settings problem

When I hold the left button down, there’s no response for approx 1 sec. Then the bottom 2 LEDs light up yellow.

Adjusting either the Timbre or Morph knob has no effect, either on the current sound or the status of the LEDs.

Releasing the left button returns Plaits to normal play mode.

So - I can’t adjust the LPG/VCA settings.

So far it’s normal – the current settings are displayed after a long press, or as soon as you start turning the knobs.

Now that is strange… Could you please send a video to

And another question: can you change the octave range with the other button or do you experience the same problem? Is there any difference in the mechanical “feel” of the two buttons?

Thanks for the quick response.

I’ve sent the video to your email address.

The 2 buttons feel the same to me, and yes, the Frequency knob behaves in the same way as the Timbre and Morph knobs. That is - they all ignore the Settings mode and behave as if I didn’t hold down the left button.


You have to adjust the knobs (big rubbery things), not the attenuverters.

Ah…that explains it!