Mutable oscillators pitch issue


My name is Joel and I’m new here!

I’m a happy user of Elements, Rings and Plaits among others…

I have noticed that when I connect from my Grandmothers KB Out to Plaits 1v/o input the pitch of Plaits raises by approximately 50 cents or half a semi tone. I’ve measured the Grandmothers KB out voltage and it seems to be ok.

I get the same result when connecting from my Renés CV out to Plaits 1v/o input, but I’ve measured René CV out and could see that it is sending out 0.01 volts instead of 0.00.

However, when I do the same procedure using my Expert Sleepers FH2 as a midi-to-cv converter it works perfectly.

Elements, Ring and Plaits show the same behavior.

The modules are located in two Doepfer LC6 with psu3.

What could be causing this?
Any ideas?

I guess I could always get an AJH V-scale, but it would be better if I could locate the problem and fix it.

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moog uses -5V to 5V for CV (“kbd out”), while eurorack is 0-10V for pitch, so whether there’s some option to set this, or you need to add something like an Erica Synths Mscale to the rack and an extra 5V to the moog signal

It’s in pages 37-38 of the manual. In global settings mode (HOLD+SYNC until SYNC flashes), the key C#2 selects KBD OUT RANGE, then F0 selects -5 to +5V and G0 selects 0-10V. Then press SYNC again to save and exit global settings mode.

I think this should help.

Or possibly not…

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No this is not necessary!!! And it will introduce more problems than it will solve since modules like Elements have a limited range for their CV inputs (and certainly won’t sense anything above 5V)

The problem described (small offset when patching the CV output of a module that should be producing 0V) hints at miscalibration, or more likely, a power supply issue causing the modules to be powered by +/- 11V and the likes… could you please check the voltages delivered by your Doepfer PSU since you have a voltmeter?

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I’ve had a feeling that the issue is PSU-oriented…
Right now I’m on vacation, but I’ll bring out my multimeter the first thing on Monday.

Take care!


I’ve done some measuring of my PSU3 and got the following result:

-12v measures -12.03v

+12v measures +12.02v

+5v measures +5.03v

I’m not a electrician so these figures doesn’t tell me much except that it’s fairly close to what it should be… I guess…

I live in a house built in the late 50’s without a proper grounding except from the bathroom, kitchen etc. Could the lack of a proper ground or earth cause the pitch issue I’m experiencing?