Mutable Modules Thru 25 Kilowatt Venue PA


Morning, guys! :space_invader:

Wanted to share the most recent live video of mine I uploaded just yesterday. For as long as I’ve been performing with my 3U/6U, I have always had Mutable Instruments in my system (Tides for bass and Warps for lead as a matter of rule) highlighted rather extensively in these two videos for example: Live ‘Another Dimension’ & Belarus Electronic Music: Techno Squat 303. In both of these I’m controlling the pair with Korg SQ-1 that I later retired and now rock the Eloquencer. One fun story to tell is this second video, for that particular gig I brought my whole sonic arsenal – like, four volcas I think, two of which were synths (bass & keys) that would effectively give me four separate melodic tracks if I wanted to. But then – due to the limited space on the table – I could not just fit them on a table and had to work around somehow! So I only had two synth voices to work with, and drums: super streamlined ‘barebones’ techno setup which worked pretty nice actually. :woman_genie: Still a major challenge though: imagine playing with a setup you’ve just concocted on a go and never even had a go at! I’m good and this has not had a major impact on my life, but I sure as hell won’t ever try it again, esp as I’m playing at larger parties and festivals and every little bit counts, even a slender 2hp module could be a secret weapon you’d not want to sacrifice for a show. :cyclone:

Ah, ok – now what we have for today is a live video of me playing at СИЯНИЕ – the most crowded gig in my career so far, a 1000+ rave with ebm artist Sarin headlining, and 25 kWt of sound. My goal for this one was to go on stage and demolish the hangar, no less, as in rocking out like there is no future. This is what I intend to do, actually, everytime, no matter the venue – but here I also had about the best time slot (3:30 am – yes, that’s me being unexpectedly spry and sober given the time! but I played one of the most intense live sets ever at 5 am at Unsound after having spent FIFTEEN HOURS in the club without really going outside. :smile: so yeah, tis how I roll, I guess!)

Here is a photo of a ‘frontside’ crowd, to give the full overview (yes, they mounted the stage in the center! :star_struck:)

All of the massive 5-step basslines in the second half are Tides through L-1 Mutant Cure VCF. Some Warps noodlin’ to be seen straight in the beginning (the large knob! haha), and other voices I have had were Sputnik dual oscillator thru rm (Befaco ABC), Erica Pico Voice thru L-1 2180 VCF (HP), and tELHARMONIC. For those crunchy noisy textures I mixed P & N in A*B+C and bandpass filtered with Erica Pico VCF1 (Polivoks!). Drums are usual for me, but enough reveal… give it a guess what they are. :wink:

Thnx & CHEERS! Forever MI. :cherry_blossom::star2:

– Igor