Mutable Me

Shruthi-1 SMR4 and Ambika 6 SMR4s with some Maschine drums. I’ll periodically drop sounds in here that I feel are worth sharing, rather than start new threads each time. If this isn’t cool, let me know.
Sat Nam

Finally got my mixer up and running. So I wanted to to practice syncing audio and video from separate sources. Using Logic as a glorified tape recorder.

If you use Logic as tape recorder, you might take a closer look at Harrison Mixbus. It is based on Ardour, but they overhauled completely the audio engine, so there is nearly no difference between this DAW and a Harrison console. Only con for me is the lack of Midi…it sounds really great.

Thanks for that, you’ve got me interested.

Quite a few Shruthi-1 tracks for this. it’s a great Florida driving track

Sonic potions LXR and x0xb0x. It’s free to download and loops beautifully if you like to walk or run. Don’t miss out on the low end.

I’ve been sick this week and so this is a little product of my time off. It’s just my Ambika and Octatrack hanging out with each other

EDIT: here is an actual recording of another jam with same patches and drum patterns

More octatrack and ambika…
And do you guys mind me sharing my stuff here?

Nice Work!

I just sat down and recorded some OT+Ambika action last night and I also ended up in a similar direction… Techno-Funk like Black Moth Super Rainbow!

I’ve been so caught up in practicing my internal resampling+slices mode+scene manipulation on the OT, it was nice to just have a simple pad and bass line from the Ambika and have space to breathe on the OT. Unfortunately most of my recordings from last night reflect the evolution of random sample jamming into patterns: not so much complete ideas.

Alrighty Shruthizens, here’s another video with shitty audio. Everything is done on 6 SMR-4 card Ambika, x0xb0x, and ze Octatrack.

Back again with some jamming. This one was amazingly fun to partake in.

a day off. I love synthesizing so much

@weNiverse: Definitely keep sharing your tracks/experiments/doodles. Sharing is caring.

They are all pretty catchy too.

Gratzi sir, my hardware adventures started this year and I’ve fallen head first. I’ve never spent so much money on something. Ever. And this coming year, I’ll be joining the modular realm of the Shruthiverse. Good news is that the girl I’m now dating LOVES learning and listening to synthesis. AAAAND she teacher belly dancing and yoga which has led to me having a gig as live synthesis for her classes. I’ve never heard “aren’t you going to make space sounds tonight!?” from a female that wasn’t joking. There’s a little about me. And I share the first and last name of Stryper’s lead singer.

So you’re the lead singer of a band called “Stryper” and your girlfriend is a belly dancer? There’s a joke in there somewhere.
Well, she sounds like a keeper, that’s for sure. Just don’t let her read that you fell head first for a synthesizer; I have heard it will make resonance dry up.

Ohh no, I don’t rock the Word garbed black and yellow spandex. My dad just had the same idea as that singers dad. I sing kirtan and English words of dharma over my electronic stuff though. That resonance joke will work with a minute demographic of synth-head new-agers. I’m pocketing it

Here’s some more video jams:

Something danceable

And something strange, this is the spawn of me learning Octatracks crossfading tricks. And much like a Mutable thread, my original intent was derailed when something appealed to me. I found my Tascam DR-08 and have been keeping it recording almost nonstop, which has been excellent.

the art for this track was done by my 8 year old self

OT timestretch/reversing= a haven of incredible stuff.

Someone should rap over that