Mutable M01C (Mutable only system)

Hopefully some people over here can help me think some things through…

I’m not new to modular. Started in 2008 with Frac and Euro. Stopped a few years completely with music and since a year I started again. I’ve decided I want one “Mutable Only”-system. (and no it will not be my ONLY modular system). Reasons wanting to have a strictly Mutable system are for me various. Aesthetics. I like the feel of the knobs and pots. Distinctive sound. And last but not least I would like to see it more like an (standalone) instrument. A clarinet is a clarinet (the other instrument I play). Every part is of the same manufacturer (OK, in some cases the mouthpiece will be from a different brand)…

The system will be 2x104hp (TipTop Mantis, maybe in the future another case for better looks).

This is what I already have:

And this is what I’m thinking of:

Oh…I have an Ears but that one stays in my electro acoustic system. I will use my Octatrack with CV.OCD for sequencing and sampleplayback (Beads)

My question to you. What would you do and why?

Remove Tides mk1 to make more room for utilities. Another Veils, or Blinds!


I think it then would be Blinds!

More people that would care to share their vision?
The plan is is to buy one module a month. Do people have suggestions in what order I should get which module? (OK, as soon as possible before MI closes down…)

But a second Veils V2 instead of a Blinds would make room for another Kinks (or Ears). Hmmm. Food for thoughts :slight_smile:

I’d make room for another Stages and a branches.

I’d probably get rid of Elements and get one more Plaits.

I find Streams a very versatile module in a small setup, but I’m on the fence as to whether i’d sacrifice anything you’ve got to make room for it?

A case which had an intellijel 1U row could add a quadratt, stereo mixer setup, buffered mult, or whatever most suits your needs?

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From my experience with a mostly-mutable setup I would do something like this:


Thanks for your reply!

Will have to think some things over. My Elements and me got separated a few months. I missed it deeply. The “vocoder”-like chords are special to me. And Ominous is a killer synth. Instant Hood, Mills tweakable FM-fun (feeding it fast triplets…yummy!) Also Elements is very nice with a ribbon controller (other case). Was very happy when my Elements returned to me. I don’t think I want to part from it again…

Streams. Happy you mention that one. For lots of reasons that module is very appealing to me. For instance: Field recording → Elements → Streams (LPG) or Clouds (FEEDBACK!) → Streams (limiter). Besides, outside this rack it would be handy in combination with another rack.

If I had to sacrifice something, it would be probably be Marbles. I like self generative music (having fun with the Turing inside DMC Peaks, or patching up 2 Ginko TTLFO’s), but in the end I think I find it more rewarding to “compose” myself (mwuhaha… sorry don`t want to take myself too serious as a composer :wink:). On the other hand it would be ultimate in a way to have a self operating “Mutable Meditation Machine”

Maybe I’m being stubborn but Mutable Only is Mutable Only. It is a way to be minimal (again mwuhaha… 2x104hp minimal…sure :slight_smile: ) and from that perspective to be creative. But I understand your suggestion and it would be a good advice! And I do appreciate your effort of being helpful :slight_smile:

Tried to visualize the ideas on Modulargrid:



I’d say Blinds, or Shades and Ripples instead of Tides V1. I finds Blinds to be an extremely useful, inspiring and underrated module. On the other hand I say Ripples because even thought you have Blades, in a system with this many voices, another filter would be super beneficial. Plus, when you use Blades as a complex oscillator, you’ll love having Ripples as your creamy filter. Curious what you’ll decide in the end. Currently I have a 6u 70HP all MI system which I adore.

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Welcome :slight_smile:

Shades and Ripples are already in the current system. I think Blinds is a good suggestion. I hope your patience is greater then your curiousity, it will take a while. One module a month (hopefully) :slight_smile:
Next one will be Stages or Warps (I think Stages).

There is a topic with Mutable Only systems. Please post a picture of your system in it!

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I’m about 75% done with this all MI case (also not my only case):

I mostly have several of the utilities left to get; Warps, 2nd Ripples, 2nd & 3rd Veils, 2nd Stages, 2nd Blinds, 2nd & 3rd Shades.

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I have two cases, the other does have Ears, Sheep, Clouds and Braids in it. And I’ve changed all the knobs to white ones and put white Thonk Tall Trimmer Toppers on all the plastic pots.


Inspiring :slightly_smiling_face:

I Tryded to make full house MI case, but i want some more modules get v2 like the 2020 upgrade to get the same ”look” coz i realy love the look of MI modules to.
This it how it looks like now My real Eurorack case 1 - Eurorack Modular System from Tonys on ModularGrid
And i am goimg to move down last row when i gett the rest of MI like 2 beads and the rest of the modules from 2020 love the new filter and links and kinks ect

This is my [first] modular instrument. After getting modules from four different creators I realized that Émilie’s thinking (to the extent I undertand it) allows me to explore without feeling anxious. I think this system will change and [possibly] grow. Interested in trying 2020 Veils and Marbles. But this is so much for me for now.


Utilitys for the win, Will make a case with only utilitys, coz i always need just one more hehe

So it is ready.

It turned out a bit different, but I am happy with the result.

First two modulargrid screenshots are the suggestions of @abortivechronicles

This was the suggestion of @pichenettes on my original idea:

And here is what I ended up with:

Will post an actual photo later.


Looks great… would love to see a photo. Hope you’re enjoying making soundscapes.

Why dont you have 2 Beads, one Lofi and one hifi and play with dry and wet mono stereo morfing signals ect :slight_smile:

I finally finished my MI only case! It turned out a little differently than I originally planned.