Mutable Love

Patch notes;

Grids, Marbles, Plaits, Stages, Tides, Peaks, Links, Veils, Piston Honda MK iii…

I’m using one Marbles trigger to reset Grids. Grids triggering Peaks drums and two envelopes on Stages… (multiple through Links)…Marbles doing pitch on the Piston Honda and Plaits…Tides and 2x LFO’s from Stages modulating the envelope decay times, Plaits Timbre and Piston Honda wave banks X axis…

I’m pleased how it came out, whilst the there are only three sounds, drums, bass and funky chords, this patch doesn’t sound regimented as the patterns change regularly (Marbles is great at that!)…


Chords mode on Plaits is becoming a staple sound, and I for one love it.


Very nice :slight_smile:

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Thanks :slight_smile:


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I knew i had to get this Marbles…i like your sound!!!

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