Mutable Instruments T Shirts

will there be T shirts! or rather not? Olivier! my for the addicted ones?
I’m the only one waiting & dreaming of sweet shruthi tshirts?

I do not mean GeSoCs!

Frank planned to do some to go with the programmer and decided to go with something else.

I’ll try to think of something…

oke we’ll see what comes of it.
It is not important as eigendrums! focus on the important things master :slight_smile:

hehe nice Luap :slight_smile:

Really good t shirt.

Brilliant, Luap!


awesome where do I order

I can’t quite take all the credit for that im afraid!
I saw the sketch/image on some other electronics website, and I simply pasted it onto a similarly borrowed T shirt image that I found. And then lovingly threw it all together over the period of about, ooo, 2 minutes? Using my amazingly piss poor photo editing skills!

If there was a hope in hell of me remembering where I found that image, I would ask the site owner if we could use it for a T shirt perhaps?!

Not that I mind either way, I just threw it together for a bit of fun :slight_smile:

oh for sure.


resistance is futile.
all your planets belong me!

Which reminds me! I rediscovered where I borrowed that sketch from.