Mutable instruments t-shirts?

Wouldn’t be nice to have a MI t-shirt? I love the logo and I would really love to show that I’m a proud user of some of the finest Electronic instruments of our times :slight_smile:

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Shamless self promo: I have put all the designs I’ve made for MI up on my Society6 page here:

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This is so cool. Not sure I could pull it off at my age but really nice.

haha thanks a lot Randy! Btw. if there is enough interest I’d be willing to upload a new version without the background, so you don’t have the rectangle printed on the t-shirt. might look better.

I think that would look better. I might buy one anyways, just blame it on a mid-life crisis.

@rumpelfilter: hehe, not bad. might get me a mutant hihats shirt someday. but not before building the actual module. waiting for the mutant clap to come out before i order the mutant trio. (very curious to see your mutant clap artwork btw)

Wow thanks, didn’t noticed this at all

I just got an email from Society6 saying that there is a new promo going on. You can get free worldwide shipping + 10% off on the new duvet covers (though I don’t think I have any of those in the store) by using this link:

There’s a new promotion running right now on Society6: $10 OFF $75 — $15 OFF $100 — $30 OFF $150
The link is the same:

The offer is valid on all Society6 prints and products btw. (not just mine).

Btw. we’ve made a new version of the Yellow Magic t-shirt, I’m uploading it now

Good, it’s uploaded, here’s a preview

and here’s a direct link

you can choose various colours, sizes and models

Little update. I think about a year ago we closed the Society6 shop (for various reasons I won’t get into). After having looked for some time for a replacement and having also worked with Synthpatcher for some time, we now decided to move everything to Spreadshirt. Their quality has improved quite a bit since the early times!
We’re still in the process of uploading designs, so if anybody has a request, we’re totally open for it!

You can find the shop here:


All the Papernoise work looks great! I don’t understand the Yellow Magic design though- I am a huge fan of both YMO and MI and am curious as to what the connotation behind the illustration is here…

The yellow magic Shruthi filter was largely inspired by the MS-20, which is a Japanese design. The illustration originally was a sticker that came with the kit, but before we did this, we made a manga version of the Saraswati head that forms the logogram of Mutable Instruments. There was also a scientist figure, inspired by the anime series Dr.Slump. This graphics can be found on the original PCBs and on the plexy case. Me and my wife have always been in to Manga and Anime, and the graphic was mainly created by my wife, who for some time enjoyed dawing manga-style comics.
When we then made the sticker we decided to stick to the same manga style and combine all the previously-created elements into a scene.
It is highly possible that things where the other way around as well… it’s been a long time since we did this. :slight_smile:
For the text we were aided by Juno from who is from Japan and who I was working with at the time for some software projects.

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Another reference was the “That’s it! Voltage control!” character from the MS-20 manual.

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 17.45.05


I regret not getting the Shruthi-1 Yellow magic special edition in time. I really like the PCB illustrations.


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Oh right! Had completely forgotten about that one!

Thanks for the background! I would love a MI poster featuring the Sarawati head logogram…

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First of all a little update.
I’ve temporarily removed all t-shirts from our shop, unfortunately there has been some issues. There has been a decline in Spreadshirt’s printing quality lately, which we were not aware of, and the samples we ordered were not up to our standards (printing was not super great and got damaged the first time we washed them).
We’re looking into it and will put them back online if we can sort these issues out.
So far we can see these issues only happening with textile printing, so posters should be ok, but we haven’t received samples yet.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll talk to @pichenettes see if we can do it!