Mutable Instruments Schematic PDFs

Hi all,

Inspired by my own frustration with having to always open EAGLE to have a peek at the MI schematics, I have converted them all to PDFs and made them available online for quick and easy access.

I hope to keep that post updated as new modules or updates come along.

Hope you guys find this useful, and Olivier please let me know if this is cool with you :slight_smile:

Happy DIY,

P.S. One more huge thanks to Olivier for making your brilliant work available to all of us :heart:

Cool, but you know there are already PDFs on the Mutable Instruments site, right?


Hmm, I did not know that! I never thought to check there.

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what J?'s on the schematics correspond to which jacks on the panel without the board pdf’s

Eagle is way too expensive for me - and KiCad (v5.1.6) throws an error when i try to import the .sch and .brd’s from github.

I kindly ask you make pdf’s of the .brd files available too.

The eagle freeware opens the files just fine. AFAIK you don’t need a license.

The parts are numbered from left to right and top to bottom.

Thank you.

I found the free hobbyist version of Autodesk Eagle