Mutable Instruments Plaits


Well my Plaits arrived today, so they are appearing in the wild again, certainly here in the UK - fantastic module in terms of aesthetic, function and sound. :slight_smile:

I’m currently running the outputs from a Triple Sloth into the various inputs whilst in the Formant mode - it sounds like a form of extraterrestrial communication.


Guess I will be camping out behind the door tomorrow, and every day until mine shows up :joy:


It really is a great module! You can kind of consider each mode as like it’s own simple module. That strength is also it’s only weakness - in my mind. If I have a complaint it’s that the module is frequently opaque. The interface is certainly dead simple, but it can be hard to remember what each mode does and how the knobs will respond without the manual in front of your face. You can generally experiment and be fine for most of the modes, but you need to internalize a lot of information to really take advantage of the module’s inherent strength. It does a lot of the work for you, but moving with intention can be a challenge when you move to a mode you are less familiar with.


Give it time, this intermediate phase can be overcome. Eventually you will stop reaching for your manual and you will start to just dial it in. Eventually you will build a mirror of the module in your head, this is why brains are awesome.


I expect as much. I was framing expectations for someone else reading this thread who is new to it, the simplicity of the module belies its depth and complexity. That said, it’s tremendous for the size/power!


Yay. Mine arrived today. Jnr is out with granny tomorrow, so playtime beckons.


I really appreciate all this throwback excitement. Few months feel a long time ago. Good things pass quickly. Thanks for Plaits.


I know I’m late to the party, but I’d been waiting for Control to get another batch.

Pichenettes, you sir, have outdone yourself! I’ve only had an hour to play with this module, and it is astounding! I knew that my rings had more to give, and feeding it with external signal, noise bursts from clouds, etc has been good, but feeding it with Plaits!!! Oh my! The filtered noise, and particle noise are beautiful! I haven’t even tried any of the green models yet.

Braids never appealed to me, I think it was the digital interface, so I never gave it a chance. That said, this interface is so intuitive! I’ll have to keep the cheater card around for a bit, but I’m sure the learning curve will be very forgiving.

I am looking forward to digging deeper into the sonic possibilities that your creations have in store for me.

Thank you for making such inspiring tools!


Oh man, I just got notice my Plaits will arrive today and this comment has me counting the seconds.


Received my Plaits over the weekend and it is well worth the wait! Absolutely fantastic module.


I received mine last Friday the 27th. Wow
I used to be impressed by Braids.
Ok, well I still am impressed with Braids.
But Plaits is one step beyond.


A question concerning the Pair Of Classic Waveforms mode, the manual states that:

A narrow pulse or wide notch results in silence ! Use this trick if you want to silence one of the two oscillators, to get a variable square or variable saw.

This doesn’t quite work for me, as moving both timbre and morph into opposite directions does not result in total silence. Using only one of of the two oscillators seem to work fine, but they behave a little bit strange around extreme settings.

For example try this out: Move timbre fully ccw to 7 o’clock and morph fully cw to 5 o’clock. Add a bit of offset by setting harmonics to around 2-3 o’clock.
Now slowly increase timbre just a tiny bit. You should hear Plaits jump from one waveform to the other. It seems like it hard-switches from the narrow saw (harmonics still affect the tuning) to narrow pulse at a certain point.

Maybe that’s because the waveforms don’t really go ‘through zero’ for silencing oscillators but probably switch programmatically by some if/else condition in extreme settings. Maybe it’s a bug? I would find it more intuitive if turning timbre and morph to opposite directions would actually result in total silence as this would be the expected behaviour also it would allow for some interesting gating-effects.

Any thoughts on this?


This is not a bug.

There is some volume normalization which causes the output signal to keep a constant amplitude; so both oscillators can never be simultaneously silenced.


Oh I see, so the amplitude normalization adds alot of gain in that specific setting and the sudden change in timbre is caused by the narrow pulse kicking in? Interestingly this only applys to the square not to the saw oscillator, how so?

Thanks for elaborating on all those implementation details, and btw. I really love this module a lot. Such a huge palette of timbres whithout adding too much color by itself over different modes, brilliant!




I’m curious how you achieve this normalization. Is there a overall compression algorithm or is there some other way of dynamically assessing what part of a rapidly modulated waveform counts as a peak.


Well it’s much, much simpler than that:

float gain = 1.0f / (std::max(square_gain, saw_gain));

The speech synthesis, granular cloud, noise, particle noise, and physical models all use a software limiter, though!


Yay, I finally got my Plaits (actually a couple of weeks ago) and it is impressive! Does a little bit of everything - it’s like having 16 modules crammed into 12hp. There’s a lot to remember, and I am still heavily dependent on having the info card within reach. But the sounds I’m getting out of it! THE SOUNDS!!! Well worth the wait.


This is my first post in this forum :wink:
Got mine last week and I can’t wait to receive a case to test it !
Used to play (traditionals) synths for many year I finally step into the modular world and Plaits was an obvious choice to start with (as a Maths from Make Noise).


Welcome! You could sure do a lot worse than starting with Plaits and Maths! Plaits predecessor, Braids, was my second module and it remains very enjoyable due to its versatility. I expect you will have a lot of fun!