Mutable Instruments Plaits


That’s one of the things Frames is great for!

Works well with my Dinky’s Taiko, controlling 4 different parameters.


Did you also happen to try thw aforementioned patch with shades and s&h to condition the frames output towards each trigger?


If anyone tries this, I’d like to see their results!

As noted a small module that just did what was described would be nice… but seems like there isn’t really a contender at the moment.

Teletype really works quite well, but scripting space is a luxury. It’s not so much an IO problem as the limited number of lines - which the expanders do not solve.


Okay so i tried the patch Olivier suggested and it works like a charm!
Basically, all triggers from grids are mixed in shades with various amplitudes and the sampled and held by kinks which is triggered by an equal-amplitude mix of the same triggers in links’ 3:1 section.
Frames is then modulated by the resulting output voltage.
Elements is excited by the mixed triggers and modulated by frames. A few details here and there but thats the main patch.
Grids’ kick drum accent out is triggering a tea kick for added oomph.
Sorry for the crappy phone vid, having a busy day. See it more as a proof of concept :wink:


Okay so i made a little jam out of this. Elements best Drum machine.
I am aware this has nothing to do whatsoever with Plaits.


inharmonic string mode makes the most delicious clicks and pops and thumps patching some random noise sample and hold into the 1/V oct, triggering the internal env, and turning FM right up…


Can someone share the calibration procedure? I accidentally ended up there (all red flashing lights) and now my keyboard response is off…


Waveshaping oscillator through Ripples, then Chronoblob. Modulation by Marbles and Stages. Mercury 7 for reverb.