Mutable Instruments Plaits


That’s one of the things Frames is great for!

Works well with my Dinky’s Taiko, controlling 4 different parameters.


Did you also happen to try thw aforementioned patch with shades and s&h to condition the frames output towards each trigger?


If anyone tries this, I’d like to see their results!

As noted a small module that just did what was described would be nice… but seems like there isn’t really a contender at the moment.

Teletype really works quite well, but scripting space is a luxury. It’s not so much an IO problem as the limited number of lines - which the expanders do not solve.


Okay so i tried the patch Olivier suggested and it works like a charm!
Basically, all triggers from grids are mixed in shades with various amplitudes and the sampled and held by kinks which is triggered by an equal-amplitude mix of the same triggers in links’ 3:1 section.
Frames is then modulated by the resulting output voltage.
Elements is excited by the mixed triggers and modulated by frames. A few details here and there but thats the main patch.
Grids’ kick drum accent out is triggering a tea kick for added oomph.
Sorry for the crappy phone vid, having a busy day. See it more as a proof of concept :wink:


Okay so i made a little jam out of this. Elements best Drum machine.
I am aware this has nothing to do whatsoever with Plaits.


inharmonic string mode makes the most delicious clicks and pops and thumps patching some random noise sample and hold into the 1/V oct, triggering the internal env, and turning FM right up…


Can someone share the calibration procedure? I accidentally ended up there (all red flashing lights) and now my keyboard response is off…


Waveshaping oscillator through Ripples, then Chronoblob. Modulation by Marbles and Stages. Mercury 7 for reverb.


hi @pichenettes

just a question about Plaits output level in chords mode : is it hotter - louder - than the other modes ?

it’s just that the chords mode makes my Three Sisters high input saturates, in some sort. and none of the other modes seems to.

it’s not a constant saturation though, it’s more like cracks who comes and goes like an lfo.


I don’t own Plaits, so forgive me for speaking out of turn, but if you play a single note on any keyboard synth and read the output level, then play additional notes, the output level will increase with each note; wouldn’t this be the same for Plaits in “chord” (polyphonic) mode?

Crackling might come and go depending on frequency build-up between the notes played…


this could explain that. thanks for your input


ksparling’s explanation is incorrect: the loudness of the chord model is not 4 times the loudness of the other (monophonic) models.

Actually, the gain of each model is adjusted so the loudness is, on average, roughly the same from model to model. And this is where there’s a catch - at a given loudness, a rich waveform (chord, filtered noise) has more variations in amplitude than a plain, periodic waveform - because there are more opportunities for beating between its constituents.


@pichenettes Does the capacitor shortage you mentioned in the Marbles thread apply for the next run of Plaits too? Or were you lucky enough to get a run in for Plaits before it started taking effect for Marbles? Yours impatiently :smiley:


I have a batch of 1000 units ordered from a different manufacturer - they could start production and I’ll get the modules in 2 weeks.

Marbles, Stages, and the remaining Plaits are still held by this issue.


Two weeks? That’s what I needed to know.
I pre-ordered Plaits back in March but somehow wound up not getting one of the first batch. I die a little inside every time I see & hear all the cool stuff other people are doing with theirs, because I don’t have one yet, waaahh!
My merchant won’t tell me anything (maybe because they don’t know anything) so I came here hoping to find a production update. Thanks for the info.
… man, I can hardly stand waiting to get my hands on this module …


Frustrating… I feel your pain.

I luckily managed to get Plaits, Marbles and Stages when they were first released, but ended up having to trawl around different suppliers to find them before the pre-orders got snapped up.


I’m late to the conversation, but it looks like nobody has mentioned: Rebel Technologies Tonic “sequencer” does almost exactly this. In 6hp it has 6 gate inputs, each of which sends a pre-set voltage to a summed CV out. One value is adjustable by front panel knob, the rest are factory-set to chromatic intervals but have trimpots on the back so you can tweak it to your needs. There’s also a Gate out which is an OR-combination of all of the inputs. If I understand correctly what you are trying to do, all you would need to make it work is a trig/gate converter, and maybe a trigger delay.

(edit) Immediately after posting this, I remembered that Tonic’s CV out snaps back to zero as soon as the input gate goes low … so, to make it hold the value you would need a sample & hold … which makes the previous solution of Shades + Kinks much simpler & more elegant. NEVER MIND!


…or just use a regular sequencer?


That’s possible certainly. It’s just a sledge-hammer for a nail kind of solution. I’m still watching to see if there is something compact for this.

@drphlogiston Yeah! I saw Tonic, but it’s not quite right. Neat module tho! :blush:


trimmers on the back rule it out, unless you want to take it out of the rack every time you want to trigger different sounds.