Mutable Instruments Plaits


Not in need of another digital full voice module, really, but I caved and ordered Plaits. Party! It sounds great. :heart_eyes:


I wouldn’t call it a full voice though. I mean you can use it as a full voice somehow thanks to the built-in LPG. But I see it more as an extra, it really is at its best when used with other modules.


Imo Plaits is as much a full voice as Rings and Erica Synths Pico Voice. No other modules are needed and, like Rings, often it sounds so great that I don’t want to ruin it by putting it through other sound shapers. That might change over time, though. :slight_smile:


yeah i’ve been getting used to it without external filters, and TBH it doesn’t really need them for a lot of the modes.

gotta say, this module is just so great. so easy and inviting to patch and tweak simple modulation. everything just really sings.


Currently obsessed with granular clouds mode through Rings sympathetic strings. Like an acid dipped orchestra


Thought I’d share my video which features Plaits and it’s model switching mode, which I just love to bits! This song is actually going to be featured in the forthcoming Patch CV documentary on modular synthesis as well. Enjoy!


When restock plaits ?


End of May / mid June.


A question that I asked on lines, but should probably ask here too:

Plaits does an excellent job of solo drum duties with Teletype scripting. I want to free-up TT for other uses though.

Can anyone recommend a svelte hardware solution that could receive triggers and send along 3+ preset CV’s for Mode shifting? Micro delay of the triggers for the mode shift would also be pretty important.


I can’t think of anything.

Someone needs to make a module that takes several trigger inputs, and outputs a different (settable) voltage when each of the trigger inputs goes high, plus echoes the trigger input to a common trigger output.

It would help in your scenario, and also with triggering different samples on a Radio Music or other module that uses CV to select between samples or preset settings (ie Braids, as well as Plaits).


Pressure Points kiiiind of gets you there. Synthwerks (I think that’s the name?) also have something a little like that.


I haven’t seen anything that does the above, though, and nothing else. It could be a really simple, low-HP modules that would be really useful.


You could use Frames, though you’d have to feed it CV instead of triggers. Honestly though, Teletype is perfect for tasks like this, I’d get one of the output expanders and continue to use it the way you are.


Teletype sounds great, but it would be a massive sledgehammer to crack that particular small nut :wink:


I’m so glad the Particle noise mode from Braids was retained!


Wouldn’t any analog sequencer work? For example 3 RYO Pentas with the input multed.


No, not the same thing.

That would allow you to select different drum sounds per sequencer step.

What I’m talking about is a module that has several trigger inputs, which could be connected to, say 3 trigger outputs of Grids.

When the module receives a trigger on one of its inputs, it outputs a voltage, and echoes the trigger to a shared trigger output (which you could add a tiny delay to, if required).

The voltage associated with each trigger input can be set with a pot.


Shades and a sample&hold?


Shades and Kinks, then…

Good point.

I still think that a dedicated module would be useful, though.


Gotta try that with shades and kinks
Maybe the output voltage could scan frames to give you 4 parameter changes with either kick or snare or hh patterns
Elements might work brilliantly as a recipient of this kind of modulation too…