Mutable Instruments Plaits


then you’ll really wither when i tell you ive kept zero boxes. i’m sorry, they are so lovely


Of course I’m just joking! I just keep the boxes because they make it easier to store the modules I don’t use away.


i’ve just never had space for a bunch of empty boxes :frowning:


The box sleeves do really look nice! I like your work. Presentation and visual identity is important and that includes both the packaging (often responsible for the first impression of the product) and the modules themselves.


Squeeze the box a little, it often helps. I’ll test a new printer in a couple of weeks. It’s really hard to find printers able to work in that format and for relatively low volumes. The company that made the sleeves between 2015 and mid 2017… went bankrupt.


the trick was just to pull it evenly, or have someone help. :smiley:


I feel like I was unkind to mention it, now. It’s really not that big an issue.

I’ve been having a lot of fun trying to recreate old drum’n’bass basslines using the kick drum algorithm and my Lightstrip module!

The other modes sound great.


why triggering a sound (for example in chord mode via trig in) affects the pitch of the sound?


The timbre, morph and fm attenuverters feed the internal envelope to those parameters with nothing plugged into them when using the trig input.


oh yeah, thank you- fm attenuverter was up all the way :blush:


When I was a little boy, my grand-mother told me that every time I tell a lie, a star dies…


Might have a potential bug. It appears the octave range setting on the Harm knob isn’t saved on power down. Can anyone confirm? Ive set up a basic percussion patch with kick snare and hats modulating the model input, however I always need to drop it down a few octaves when I turn on the modular to get the kick in the right range. It doesn’t remember where the octave range was set.

By design, user error on my part, or something that should be maybe added?


By design!

Saving the settings causes a short interruption in the sound output (a few tenths of a second) during which the processor’s Flash controller is busy writing data and is unable to fetch instructions.

Some testers clearly told me that they used the octave range control as a kind of performance gesture. So I don’t save the octave (and LPG settings) unless you switch to a new model - because switching to a new model introduces a short pause in the sound anyway.


I just got my Plaits this Friday. I’ve never owned a Braids and avoided it because I didn’t like the menu system, but I’ve always wanted to try one to be honest. Right out of the box (which I also had difficulties opening, but I manage to stretch loosen the sleeve a bit with a… machete of all things… without any tearing or damage, by using it between the box and sleeve to slide out the box easier) I managed to get very usable, rich sounds with it. And it made me feel a bit bad… in a good way.

In my short, two year modular journey I’ve tried out a multitude of digital and analog oscillators and always ended up spending a lot of time doing complex patching to get simple results, with chances for catastrophic failure. I have multiple cats that are free to roam every room, so I have to unpatch my modular after use unless I want to risk my patch cables being chewed. So every time I want to do interesting things, I have to start from zero. It’s not a bad thing, as it encourages variation, but after some time it does get old. And then comes Plaits and solves this problem for me, giving me a broad palate of sound options at my finger tips, without much of the hassle, while still leaving much room to modulate and experiment.

Thing is, it makes me feel like I’ve wasted much time and money with different other oscillator arrangements. Sure, a Plaits mode will probably not cover the full territory that DPO can roam, but so much of that territory is no man’s land as it’s probably not usable in most contexts, including sound design in some cases. Getting interesting tones is fun and rewarding, but it shouldn’t be an achievement that requires what gamers would call grinding.

With guitars you’ll see a lot of people spending lots of money on instruments, pedals and amps just to get a much sought after “illusive” tone, but most people agree that tone is in the hand. Of course you probably can’t get amazing results with just a cheap guitar and even cheaper amplifier, but if you use your gear creatively you can come up with great songs regardless of the gear. There’s a lot of distortion pedals that “starve” their circuits to achieve a dying battery sound, after all.

I feel that Plaits is the type of module that helps me forget about “tone chasing” and let’s me focus on what actually matters, the interaction between me and my instruments, not the instruments themselves.

I find that for most of available modes, Plaits offers somewhat neutral sounds. Meaning they don’t have an easily recognizable character like some oscillators do, making you instantly say “Hey, that’s a Plaits” when you hear a song that uses it. It also leave room for you to add sound modifiers and sculpt your tone to your heart’s desire… but it also doesn’t require or compel you to do this. The interface is clean, tidy and easy to use. Changing modes is simple and icons makes modes easier to identify on the fly than any screen or writing would. Having a built in VCFA is a great bonus for me. Normalisations are great to have and same goes for attenuverters.

After just two days with it I have to say I already love it. Thank you!


Finally had some proper time to just sit down and wiggle Plaits. I took the opportunity to make a short “getting to know Plaits” video too, basically just trying out most of the modes with a simple sequence. It sure makes some gorgeous sounds!


Classic waveforms:



Did you mean elusive, as in difficult to catch, find, or achieve? Because illusive means deceptive or relating to an illusion, which also kind of works but I have never heard used in the context of music.


No, you’re right @RobertSyrett, I meant elusive. But illusive would be interesting :smiley:


I thought I had a Plaits on order but when I checked, the store owner said he had never scene me before. This is a truly illusive oscillator!


Yes, it was released a month ago and it’s already sold out everywhere.